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Philips shows off 3D 21:9 HDTV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Sep 2009 10:55 User comments (8)

Philips shows off 3D 21:9 HDTV Philips has announced during the recent IFA event that they will be the latest company to go 3D, adding the third dimension to their Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV.
"The technology is ready, but the content is not there yet," said Philips Consumer Lifestyle CEO Andrea Ragnetti. "It has to be based on what consumers really want and currently it is not clear if consumers actually want to wear glasses to watch TV or want it without."

A different spokesperson did add that "3D TV is the ultimate dream for consumers", and Philips decision follows that of Sony and Panasonic.

One glaring difference however, is that Philips is said to be favoring strereoscopic glasses, instead of active shutter glasses like its rival brands.

The TV is still in prototype but will be available when the content is there.

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8 user comments

18.9.2009 01:28

Personally I can't really stand watching movies in 3D. It can be fun but most of the time it makes me nauseous.

On the chance that it doesn't make me nauseous I would much rather watch a movie without the 3D glasses. I believe the only reason that people "tolerate" wearing the glasses for a 3D movie is because there is currently no other way to watch a film in 3D.

I believe that if given the opportunity, as well as few tries, people would rather watch a 3D film without the glasses.


28.9.2009 01:42

i wear real glasses and those little plastic things are irritating.

i still can't see in 3D even with the Glasses, my eyes or my brain filter something out ah well.

38.9.2009 06:00

I've seen a proper 3d TV, (or 4D tv) and its insane, you dont' need glasses, and the effect is much farther out of the TV than you would expect. also if you walk around the room, the image doesn't get lost, it is still just as 3d, its better if you are directly in front, but walking from a 45 degree angle of the tv, to the opposite 45 degree angle on the other side of it, I didn't lose the 3d effect at all.

its absolutely incredible, I know a lot of people thing its just a fad, but with the film industry working so hard on it, when these no-glasses tvs come out commercially and they are in shop windows I think people will be falling head over heals to get them when content starts to be released. Its just at the moment no one has seen them and no one realises just how impressive the glass free effect is. It works with rounded pixels like small bulbs - covered in pixels rather than flat pixels that can only display one colour at a time.

I really recommend anyone here to have a look at one if they get the opportunity, you will not regret it, and you will soon see that even the new polaraised glasses tecnology is as good as in the past. Its simply breathtakingly stunning.

48.9.2009 13:40

Realy...This is for 12 year olds. It is amusing maybe once or twice in a theater but I have no urgency the watch the 9 oclock news in 3d at home. They should concentrate on better looking and cheaper HD on TV and Movies not degrading the picture with 3d. I hear when HD DVD comes out it will look great for a great price (joke).

58.9.2009 16:56

Useless idea....wait a minute pron in 3d. Where did you say I could buy one of these? he hehehehehe
Anyone remember going to the cinema to see jaws in 3d? Yes the above poster is correct its a novelty for the young team.

68.9.2009 20:54

Although I've never experienced it personally I've been sold by lynadal.
Any tips on helping me find one on display?!!

79.9.2009 05:22

With all the work that has gone into making 2D video games appear to be 3D, it seems like true 3D would be a gamer's best friend.

But the glasses have to go...most gamers won't even wear a blutooth device...they are not going to wear 3D glasses.

811.9.2009 11:44

Originally posted by lynandal:
I've seen a proper 3d TV, (or 4D tv) and its insane, you dont' need glasses, and the effect is much farther out of the TV than you would expect. also if you walk around the room, the image doesn't get lost, it is still just as 3d
I saw a 3D picture (not tv) at a CES show about 8 years ago. Blew me away. I don't know what it was using but I remember it was amazing.

Where did you see this demo'd? Do you have links to the company site?

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