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New Sony Blu-ray player adds online streaming services

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Sep 2009 16:48 User comments (4)

New Sony Blu-ray player adds online streaming services Sony's latest Blu-ray player, the BDP-N460, will add for the first time, streaming video and audio, from Netflix, YouTube and Slacker.
The company does note however that regardless of what TV you have attached the wireless will work better with a Linksys WET610N Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi bridge.

The player has oboard decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, is BD-Live compliant, and will output HDMI Deep Color. The player can read photos and MP3s off USB drives and will upscale DVDs and AVCHD videos.

The BDP-N460 will begin shipping in October, with a price tag of $250 USD, the same price as other BD players with similar specs, and $50 cheaper than the PS3.

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4 user comments

111.9.2009 5:48

Sony now has a contract with netflix...they have the technology and practical experience of netflix...maybe they will put netflix on the PS3 soon!

211.9.2009 13:05

I think that i read that MS bought the console rites. You can still do netflix on your PC and stream it to the PS3. There is also the software "Play on" that is used as a work around.

312.9.2009 7:16

hi i think this , new sony will be good to do streaming at the moment i just use my playstation 3 to stream all my movies and music photoes etc useing twonky media and its brillant the movies or like blue ray when they are playing, i was thinking of getting another playstation for my bedroomas i have a big LG tv, in it but i need a streamer if the sony player is cheaper that the playstation 3 i might give it a go , just my opinon

413.5.2011 11:12
Ian Scott
Unverified new user

That's an excellent blu ray player, I found this great site if anyone is looking for more Blu Ray player reviews

It has great picture, I don't knock the PS3 because I love the games.

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