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RIAJ to stop mobile music piracy in Japan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2009 15:00 User comments (5)

RIAJ to stop mobile music piracy in Japan Currently in Japan there are hundreds of websites that allow for Japanese mobile phone users to download free music, right to their phones, and quickly, depending on the speed of their data networks.
The RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) wants to put an end to that however and is currently in talks with the Japanese cell phone carriers for a large operation that will shut down the free music sites, or turn them into pay sites, while also taking more control of the mobile handset industry.

The Yomiuri Online says that over 70 million songs are downloaded "legally" every year via mobile phones in Japan, with another 400 million being downloaded from unauthorized sources.

The new operation will work as follows: When a song is downloaded, it is first checked by the mobile phone operator and if it is from a legal source, it is fine. If they are not, users will receive a note that tells them they are "killing the Japanese music industry," and should stop doing so immediately.

Akihabara brings up a good point however when they note that Japanese legal sources are a complete ripoff. The average sell price is 300 Yen per song from legit mobile download servers, an equivalent of just under $3 USD. In America we complain about $1 USD.

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5 user comments

119.9.2009 15:45

70 mio downloaded via mobile phone ? :O Wow ...

219.9.2009 16:27

wait wat.....the ISP checks the data first?

319.9.2009 18:12

What worries me is.... what if you want to release your music for free? Then you will have to pay for the creation of a licence that the mobile company can use to check the phones with your music on it. i.e. If the phone company has to check all music for its legality then your gonna have to pay them to do so. A bit like in america when they wanted a single company to collect all royalties from the radio and internet radio companies, even if you gave your music away for free, this collection company would still collect royalties on your behalf and the only way to get the money from the royalty company is to pay a yearly levy to them. So they screw money out of it either way. This is all so wrong. But then again someone will jailbrake the phones surely or at least I hope they do

421.9.2009 1:00

What a JOKE!

521.9.2009 6:06

Hehe...if the only threat is a message saying "You are killing a terrible industry that needs to die" then I don't see how this will stop piracy.

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