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Pioneer launches 12x Blu-ray writer

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Oct 2009 19:05 User comments (4)

Pioneer launches 12x Blu-ray writer Pioneer has announced today the launch of the BDR-205 Blu-ray Disc writer, the world's first to have 12x single and dual-layer Blu-ray writing ability.
The SATA drive can also burn DVD at 16X and CDs at 40X. says the drives may have some problems with certain media however, as Panasonic dual layer worked up to 12x, but Sony media could only reach the speeds in single layer.

Steve Cohn, Pioneer Electronics Director of Optical Disc Sales, added: "The BDR-205 drive represents our ongoing efforts to combine Pioneer's engineering expertise with advanced technologies, and our next generation Blu-ray Disc writer is a great example of our no-compromise approach to optical disc product development."

The drive is set for release in January 2010 with a price tag of $249.99 USD.

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4 user comments

11.10.2009 22:46

$250 isn't bad for a new Pioneer Blu-Ray burner.

I remember paying something around $300 for my first DVD Burner, and even then it only burned +RW discs, even new firmware couldn't let it burn +Rs when they were released.

Here is a sign that Blu-Ray is possibly getting somewhere, Memorsux is making BD-Rs. (see here)

For a quality disc Verbatim's are currently at $5.99 for a SL and $21.99 for a 50GB DL. See here.

22.10.2009 13:02

Ha $300 for a DVD burner. I paid $300 for my first CD burner. It was an HP 2x2x6x. That's right 2x write, 2x rewrite, 6x read. It took 45 minutes to make a cd and you couldn't do anything else on the computer or it would misburn.

Article is wrong. The specs table shows 12x single layer used panasonic and Sony. But only panasonic reached 12x with dual layer.

32.10.2009 15:52

Now now all you fanboys and tech-needy peeps who run out and buy the latest and greatest of EVERYTHING, keep in mind...........12x discs are a LONG WAYS AWAY so therefore, 12x burning speed will be moot.

43.10.2009 10:47

the price of the burner isn't bad. but the blank disc is where i have a problem. for 10 - 50gig disc it's $150.00 i don't expect them to drop down to the price of 4.7 gig disc but damn it's still too high. i know in a yr or two they will drop dramaticly

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