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Dell shows off more Adamo XPS pics

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 Oct 2009 13:42 User comments (7)

Dell shows off more Adamo XPS pics Dell has revealed two more pictures of the upcoming Adamo XPS ultraportable, a notebook measuring just 0.39 inches thick, about half the size of the market leader Mac Air at 0.76 inches.
The company's press release said: "Because so many people who have had a sneak peek of Dell's superthin Adamo XPS laptop seem to be falling in love with it, the company today released two more photos of the highly stylized, thin 9.99-mm Adamo by Dell system. The Adamo XPS is as intriguing open as it is closed."

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7 user comments

113.10.2009 14:36

on the one hand..****ing WOW! on the other theyre probably gonna charge more than your car's worth for it as its dell were talking about. still looks like a cool piece of tech

213.10.2009 14:51

Starting cost is expected to be $100 more expensive then the macbook air.

313.10.2009 16:01

hmm well ok but id wait see if they got the specs to back up that price.

413.10.2009 16:27

picture is deceiving. it's being set on the monitor with the keyboard in the air.

513.10.2009 17:33

Wow look at the landfill object. too thin the plastic doesn't have enough density to with stand heat cracking or cracking in general.

613.10.2009 21:19

Do Want! Lol. Depends on the specs. Maybe it holds a core i7, is it smaller? But it's still some achievement.

714.10.2009 14:07

how thin do thave to make these things? the keys are probably gonna be like the motorola Razor. so typing on it might not feel so great. and as thing as it is. you probably have to keep it plugged in as well. i dunno.

i guess we'll see more when they show the screen and keyboard.

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