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Nokia's Comes With Music seeing slow adoption

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Oct 2009 10:58 User comments (2)

Nokia's Comes With Music seeing slow adoption Music Ally was given the data figures on Nokia's Comes With Music service, and it appears the service is seeing massively slow adoption rates, another blow to the struggling handset maker.
As of July, the service had only 107,227 active users globally, with the biggest concentration in the UK, where the service was launched first.

The full list, via Music Ally, for the 9 markets CWM is available:

UK – 32,728 (launch date: Oct 08)
Singapore – 19,318 (Feb 09)
Australia – 23,003 (Mar 09)
Brazil – 10,809 (Apr 09)
Sweden – 1,101 (Apr 09)
Italy – 691 (Apr 09)
Mexico – 16,344 (May 09)
Germany – 2,673 (May 09)
Switzerland – 560 (Jun 09)

When asked about the tiny numbers, Nokia responded:

“Comes With Music has been a live service for 12 months in the UK and over the last 8 months, has also gone live in 11 other countries. This is a very fast rollout for a service of its kind, especially when you consider the music is a mix of global and local content for each location. In terms of innovation, Comes With Music is a significant shift for both consumers and the industry alike.

“Nokia will continue to bring new services to market and we will continue to add further countries and partners to our Comes With Music rollout. We look forward to being able to share more details on this over the coming weeks. With regard to the statistics presented in your article, as per our longstanding policy we do not comment on industry speculation or rumours.”

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2 user comments

118.10.2009 22:57

It's DRM. That's why it isn't cathing on.

229.10.2009 8:36

It's got nothing to do with DRM.

I've used it and still have songs on the mobile from this service months later you keep them forever, they aren't exactly cheap prices.

The major factor is the song sound really poor, I can't believe they charge people $3-$4 per song for what is a 60Kbit type MP3 file that sounds really crackly etc.

The other problem is that the service on the phone here isn't something that's easy to access either it's done via website or a PC program the program is the best way to access it, the website seems to be flaky at best drops out you have little idea what is going on etc.

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