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'Mark's Video' offers Blu-ray, DVD rentals for under $1.49

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Oct 2009 21:21 User comments (5)

'Mark's Video' offers Blu-ray, DVD rentals for under $1.49 Mark Wattles, the former founder of Hollywood Video and current owner of Mark's Video rental chains in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona has announced across the board price drops on rentals via his stores.
Per night prices for rentals have been dropped to $1.49 USD for Blu-rays, $0.99 for new release DVDs and $0.49 for catalog films, prices that match or even undercut rental kiosk giant Redbox.

VideoBusiness has confirmed the new aggressive price drops.

Wattles currently owns 20 locations which were spun off from Hollywood Video when it was purchased by Movie Gallery.

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5 user comments

118.10.2009 22:32

It's not often that I want to have a certain video store chain arround...but Hollywood Video was great; they supported independant films and had a good selection. I'd gladdly pay $0.49 per rental for immediate indie rentals not available at bestbuy.

218.10.2009 23:18

Here in Las Vegas,NV. USA there are only small handful of Hollywood video stores operational. I go in there today looking for "Land Of The Lost" (2009) and after a week since it's release, the wall has about 30 display boxes and none available for rent. One would think that they could get several more until the saturation point is achieved. I only went there because LOTL isn't available at Redbox.

319.10.2009 6:05

Yeah, new releases were never their strong suit...they made it up with selection. All their stores here in florida closed up years ago...I didn't know they still existed in other states.

419.10.2009 20:59


I've got to agree with you 100% there. I would have to be in the store on opening day when they opened to get a crack at renting a new release. Whenever I couldn't get a copy of the new movies, there was always plenty of selections to be found.

Towards the end of their lifespan, the two near me (Deerfield Beach & Coral Springs, Florida) would give you two free rentals if they didn't have a new movie in stock.

520.10.2009 19:17

Just wait for the sony/warner etc complaints of the low price, no money made crying.

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