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Verizon starts "Quadruple-play" bundles

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Oct 2009 18:06 User comments (10)

Verizon starts "Quadruple-play" bundles Verizon has announced it will begin offering "Quadruple-play" services to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic customers, packaging broadband, TV, home phone and wireless services.
The offering will include Verizon Wireless phone service, DirecTV, FiOS DSL and Verizon's fiber-to-the-home phone service. The FiOS speed maxes out at 15 Mbps.

The service will cost about $130 USD per month (with 450 minutes for wireless users) and will require a 1-year contract.

"We're offering the freedom and flexibility for customers to choose the Verizon voice service or combination of services that meets their individual or family needs, together with our complete line of industry-leading home-entertainment options,"
added Verizon chief marketing officer Mike Ritter.

Many ISPs including Time Warner and Cablevision already offer "triple-play" packages for TV, cable Internet and home phone service.

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10 user comments

119.10.2009 19:00

What's Direct TV Cable ? Is that just a fancy term they are using for satellite? Because if they don't offer HD channels in that bundle package price I don't think it would be worth switching.

219.10.2009 20:27

Well HD through Directv is only $10 more a month anyway.

319.10.2009 20:43

What about FiOS TV? Is that still not very widespread?

420.10.2009 1:21

Originally posted by xnmalletx:
Well HD through Directv is only $10 more a month anyway.
I guess getting 4 of these service and only having to pay and extra 10 a month to get HD, then if it came to my area I would probably do it.

I wonder about the cell package though. You probalby have to pay extra to add on unlimited texting.

520.10.2009 1:43

Verizon needs to get in more better markets. I'm sick of the Time Warner/CABLE monopoly going on in most areas.

620.10.2009 2:16

I'm stuck with Comcast.

720.10.2009 22:42

yeah im in the last place to prolly get FIOS alaska pretty bummed

822.10.2009 11:22

Originally posted by TBandit:
yeah im in the last place to prolly get FIOS alaska pretty bummed
DC has no stinkin' FIOS either..... unfortunately.
nonetheless, i need to get on the phone to verizon immediately. i already use their tripple freedom package (land line, broadband, directv). and i use their cell phone too but it was never a part of their package before. if it will save me more money, i'm on it!!

oh and yes, everything in their package is for basic deals.... so basic directv (or directv plus or whatever)........ and yes, you will pay for all extra things --> i still pay for my extra receiver, my dvr service and my warranty (and a lot of dang tax!!). so yes, you will pay the extra $10 for your HD. basically, whatever you pay for your directv will simply be added to your bill. but the positive is there are discounts for adding each service (land line, broadband, directv and now cell). as for my cell, i'm already on the basic 450 minute plan, so that should work out great for me.

i'll call them later and see how that helps out my high azz verizon bill.

922.10.2009 18:17

What is FiOS DSL? I've got FiOS at 20d/5up not DSL. Don't buy into these multi service contracts. They charge your for landline phone service but it's actually just VoIP. You can buy OOMA and get phone for life without all the taxes that get added to Verizon.

There's no way your bill is going to be less than $150 a month after taxes, equipment rentals, not to mention HD, texting, and whatever else you want to add on.

1023.10.2009 0:43

Does anyone know if this is available in Michigan cause I've got Verizon, Direct TV HD, and Wide Open West for my home phone and cable modem and I would like it a lot just to have 1 bill to pay and NOT 3.

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