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Apple crushes quarterly earnings

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Oct 2009 10:00 User comments (8)

Apple crushes quarterly earnings Despite a continued global recession, Apple crushed their Q3 earnings last night, mainly due to extremely high iPhone and Mac shipments.
Overall, iPhone sales rose 7 percent and Mac shipments rose 17 percent for the quarter. Profit jumped to $1.67 billion USD, the company's most profitable ever. In response, the stock pushed over $200 a share for the first time since 2007.

Year-to-date profit now stands at $5.7 billion USD, an 18 percent year-on-year increase. Most analysts predict that Apple will continue to set new records, especially as Mac sales continue to chip market share away from PC makers and with the iPhone set for release in China.

Weve got a very strong line-up for the holiday season and some really great new products in the pipeline for 2010, added Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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8 user comments

120.10.2009 19:49

why do people keep buying this apple locked down bs?

220.10.2009 23:12

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
why do people keep buying this apple locked down bs?

Because most people aren't so unreasonably hateful.

320.10.2009 23:28

unreasonable? hardly.

421.10.2009 4:07

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
why do people keep buying this apple locked down bs?

Because most people aren't so unreasonably hateful.

Its not unreasonable to expect a mid to high end device to support SDHC and removable batteries,ect.

521.10.2009 20:29

How bout support for files that aren't MP4 or AAC....

622.10.2009 9:09

I hate them too for what they do to their customers but I keep an opened mind. They treat them livestock to be eaten when they get hungry. That will not prevent me from buying a product of theirs that best fits my needs. I take my hat off to them. Their earnings are from seeing possibilities then making them happen.

DVDBack23, that is like the cow asking the farmer to be spared. Apple knows people are lazy. They make it hard not to buy from them. They see you are cattle not customers and apparently that vision pays off.

I will probably buy an iphone one day but would never buy any other Apple music playing device, even though my Nano has lasted 4 hrs of very heavy use. I have actuall work hardened the wires for 3 pairs of ears buds. I wouldn't concider buying anything but a Sansa for portable music. They are superior in every way that counts for me and are half the price.

722.10.2009 9:36

i wouldnt go for thr iphone IMO, id choose a WebOS device or an Android device.

829.10.2009 5:54

So much for expectations. Apple blew past them all! Despite how our economy goes, Apple still managed to do well in the market. The skyrocketing in Apple earnings is directly linked to the sale of iPhones, as it is far and away the most popular product. The sales for iPods have begun to drop, although Mac sales are still pretty strong, which is surprising considering the popularity of netbooks over traditional laptops and desktops. It's been one of the few huge corporations that haven't run home to the government for a bailout though they aren't without critics. Still the Apple earnings of the last year make it obvious that many consumers are still willing to get instant cash loans for Apple products.

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