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What does Google know about you? Try 'Dashboard'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Nov 2009 3:17 User comments (8)

What does Google know about you? Try 'Dashboard' Google has launched a new privacy control feature this week, dubbed Dashboard, which will allow users to see most of the information that is being collected about them at any given time by the search engine giant.
Dashboard will pull together the data that is accessed whenever a user logs into a Google service such as "summaries of an individual's e-mail, search requests and viewing habits on Google's video site, YouTube."

The service will not provide any data if you have not logged into the Google services.

Google has been under fire for years from privacy watchdogs which want to know just exactly it is that the search engine giant knows about you.

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8 user comments

18.11.2009 10:02

Is there a URL???

28.11.2009 10:38

Interesting, checked it out for myself.....

Yeah they had listed all of the places and searches I did and visited all the way back from Jan 2008. Everything was sorted out in groups. Basically it was broken down by website pages, images, videos, news, and misc stuff. It even shows the number of times you visited the same site or the repeat searches you make using the same key words.

38.11.2009 12:29

Originally posted by ivymike:
Is there a URL???
ivymike, sorry, hear you go:

48.11.2009 15:14

It doesn't work unless you search by username. I hardly ever log into google, so it does not have much on me. I do use it though without logging in many times, and I can guarantee you that they track info by IP address as well.

510.11.2009 5:47

You have to create an account to find out what information they have stolen from you, thus giving them even more information about you! Sounds like yet another scam to get personal information from people.

612.11.2009 6:49

That's exactly why I use Scroogle instead of Google.

712.11.2009 17:52

thanks d40 fo rthe mention of scroogle!
hey those of you guys run'n w/ firefox can always check out the better privacy add-on too!
KillerBug , right on point!

813.11.2009 10:56

Learned something new,, lol, thanks!

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