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DROID sells over 250,000 units in first week?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Nov 2009 16:10 User comments (6)

DROID sells over 250,000 units in first week? According to new data from WHERE, active users of the much hyped Motorola DROID has doubled in the last few days, suggesting that there are now about 250,000 total units now active.
The WHERE map also shows where the phone is being sold, with New York being the largest adopter, at 12 percent, followed by Los Angeles at 6 percent and Washington DC at 5 percent.

Earlier this week it was reported that 100,000 units had been sold in the opening weekend, so the new numbers suggest positive momentum for the Android 2.0 phone.

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6 user comments

114.11.2009 17:11

What is people's impressions of the Droid here? I do not know anyone that has purchased it yet, and I have not gone out to look at one. Can't form much of an opinion yet.

215.11.2009 0:03

i assume this includes the droid eris sales aswell?

315.11.2009 1:00

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
i assume this includes the droid eris sales aswell?

What does the first sentence say? Read the whole story before you comment.

415.11.2009 1:18

Cant say i have actually seen the phone in action but i just had a chance to hold it and play around with a demo model at verizon dealer today. I can say the phone does lose a lot of points as being ugly and plain looking with the boxy design. Most reviews see the same as well but the phones usually ended up as a tie overall once all the basics where covered. Some thing the iphone 3gs does better and in other areas the Droid excells. If you are looking for a phone with the best media player and music i would get the iphone and Droid has better phone potential and capabilities. Thats just from numerous reviews i have seen posted by people having both phones side by side in a comparison.

515.11.2009 23:13

It is the first realy capabile webphone for verizon, and verizon has the best network. I'm suprised that they have not sold a lot more...I was expecting about 500,000 in the first week and at least 1,000,000 in the first month, I guess the economy realy is bad.

619.11.2009 8:53

I think this phone is great. I got mine a little over a week ago and it still amazes me with the apps. I like all the tech apps for the phone. I have put my music on the 16GB MMC and it plays flawlessly, as well as video. The camera is the best I have seen on a phone. During the day I spend probably an hour or more playing around with the phone. I never did this with any of my other phones. I would also say that playing with the display in Verizon store does not do this phone justice, it has far more capabilities than what you can see by playing with the display.

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