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Amazon Kindle finally available in Canada

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Nov 2009 5:09 User comments (6)

Amazon Kindle finally available in Canada At long last the Amazon Kindle e-reader has been made available to Canadian buyers, months after an International version was released to 100 countries with Canada notably absent.
The Kindle model, which costs $259 USD, will sell for around 300 CAD, and Amazon says there are 300,000 books available in Kindle format for Canadian buyers, much less than the 360,000 available for US buyers.

"We know that Canadians are passionate about books and reading, and we're excited to make Kindle available to our customers there,"
said Ian Freed, vice president of Kindle. "Kindle enables customers around the world including Canada to think of a book and start reading it in under 60 seconds."

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6 user comments

117.11.2009 20:26

First I want to applaud Amazon for there tireless effort working 24/7 in cramp laboratory's for months non-stop, there hardwork resulted in the kindle finally being translated to work with the Canadian language.
I take my "hat" off to Amazon. The Canadians will finally join the rest of us in the 21st century.

"for those about to rock we salute you"
AC/DC circa 1980's

217.11.2009 20:54

im glade as a proud Canadian that we finally get the kindle....but what does canada finally getting it have to do with getting into the 21st century we have most of what the americans have im mean really why does Americans think there so much better then everyone else in this world...

317.11.2009 21:00

shyne609, don't worry about it. the americans are just jealous. i'm canadian too in ontario.

417.11.2009 21:48

We always get screwed over in Canada. We get most new products much later and more expensive then being sold in other countries.

518.11.2009 00:11

Well the Sony one has been sold here for quite a while at the Sony Store, no?

Is this one better then the Sony one? I haven't looked into any of them yet but I might be interested in picking either up...

619.11.2009 19:00

Originally posted by mike.m:
We always get screwed over in Canada. We get most new products much later and more expensive then being sold in other countries.
That's not true. Must electronics are here at the same time as the USA. I am guessing that it was probably some copyright issues that delayed the launch in Canada. Also the price is usually a little more than the conversion rate, $40 extra is about right. Europe gets screwed with release dates and price.

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