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Silverlight 4 beta adds Chrome support

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Nov 2009 14:45 User comments (3)

Silverlight 4 beta adds Chrome support Microsoft has launched a very early beta for Silverlight 4 and the most notable features appear to be Google Chrome browser support, the ability to integrate HTML from within applications and videoconferencing support.
Perhaps as notably is the company's claims that apps will start faster then with Silverlight 3 and will run up to 2x faster.

Adds Electronista: "Developers will be able to incorporate video and audio recording tools, potentially enabling services such as video conferencing using webcams. Highlighted changes to the interface include multi-touch gesture support, drag-and-drop, right-click menus and mouse-wheel scrolling."

Video output can also be encrypted and protected to prevent unauthorized viewers from watching streaming media.

Full beta should be released in a couple of months.

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3 user comments

119.11.2009 16:33

Typo in the 1st line of text. SHould be 'Google Chrome', not Coogle Chrome' lol.

219.11.2009 19:56

And in bold for added typo-effectiveness. Thanks haha

319.11.2009 22:46

"Developers will be able to incorporate video and audio recording tools"

-This sounds a bit scarry.

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