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Apple confirms iTunes 9 sync problems

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2009 13:41 User comments (7)

Apple confirms iTunes 9 sync problems Apple has confirmed that they are actively trying to fix a problem within iTunes 9 that is causing sync issues for users.
There have been numerous complaints since September over the sync issues but Apple did not even acknowledge the problem until this week.

"We are aware of the issue and are investigating,"
said an Apple spokesman, via ElectricPig.

Most of the problems are being encountered by iPod Classic owners, which have seen their players eject themselves, or fail to sync.

Most new players, such as 5G Nanos and iPod Touches have had no problems.

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7 user comments

111.12.2009 15:34

And maybe if they fix the Helvetica font issue where everything looks like lorem ipsum!

211.12.2009 17:29

Nothing too major here I feel.
It will just be another update for iTunes.

311.12.2009 18:07

Why not just use media monkey? The only thing I use Itunes for any more is organizing my music files and adding more music to my collection.

411.12.2009 23:48

Most people don't know about Media Monkey. That's why.

512.12.2009 9:03

would this be y some songs on my ipod classic get skipped over and dont play...cause i went out and bought a zune because i was fed up with ipods....-_- stupid apple

619.12.2009 19:05

hi my son has an ipod touch and he has been having sync probs with his itunes, he can sync everythink else besides his music. so there are problems with the i pod touches. just hope it will be resolved soon.

720.12.2009 0:52

I havent noticed any issues..............

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