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Firefox 3.6 final release delayed until 2010

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2009 13:50 User comments (5)

Firefox 3.6 final release delayed until 2010 Mozilla announced this weekend that the final release of Firefox 3.6 had been delayed into early 2010, while at the same time releasing 3.5 beta 5 instead of a release candidate.
Beta 5 has 130 new bug fixes, including a major TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine bug that was causing crashes. Additionally, the private browsing mode, password retrieval and fast startup mode were updated.

"Beta 5 builds are being tested by QA now, targeting a Thursday release unless we get to RC [Release Candidate] first," Mozilla had said earlier in the week. "We are really, really close to being code-complete & only need 8 more patches and a TraceMonkey merge. If we can go to build today or tomorrow, QA will scrap Beta 5 and we'll release RC to the beta audience ASAP."

"Mozilla released a fifth version of Firefox 3.6 to its more than 600,000 beta users as part of its continuing program to gather feedback and get fixes into the hands of the people evaluating the preview," added Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, via CW. "We expect to be able to issue a release candidate before the end of this year, but we'll likely hold off on the official release until early in the new year."

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5 user comments

119.12.2009 13:55

At first, I was like WTF, then I read that more bugs and codes need to be fixed, so this makes sense. We don't need a "buggy" program: Microsoft I'm looking at you! - BLUEBOY

219.12.2009 15:18

At least Mozilla is awknowledging that there are some bugs and is taking time to correct them rather than rushing it to the masses buggy or not (like Microsoft did).

Microsoft has alot to learn from Mozilla.

320.12.2009 23:27

get a lift you guy firefox will never have anything on microsoft there shit run in 64 bit now soo i beleive microsoft will wipe there ass with firefox

422.12.2009 20:59

Just wondering if this update has been made for Linux as well

523.12.2009 3:07

I'm using FF 3.5.6 in Linux, it's working very stably for me.

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