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Video Daily: Unreal Engine 3 running on iPhone and Touch

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Dec 2009 17:31 User comments (8)

Video Daily: Unreal Engine 3 running on iPhone and Touch AnandTech is reporting today that the Unreal Engine 3, the technology behind games such as Gears of War 2, has now been successfully run on an iPhone 3GS and a 3rd gen iPod Touch.
Says the editor: "The demo is both playable and has a flythrough. It’s using a modified Unreal Tournament level previously shown off at GDC. A virtual thumbstick on the left side of the screen controls your movement, while tracking your thumb in the lower right corner of the screen controls the camera. Just tap the screen to shoot. Mark said this is a tech test bed and they’re experimenting with several different control schemes including ones with tilt."

There is obviously more to be added, but the news is impressive to say the least. CES should bring more answers as well, says Epic, the company behind the engine.

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8 user comments

125.12.2009 19:24

not an apple fan but this is VERY impressive..though still from the video control cant b that smooth on such a small interface.. with the right hand controlling both camera and shooting..but still very impressive i must admit.

225.12.2009 22:44

Impressive no doubt. Im sure it will piss battery life though.

325.12.2009 23:48

I'm not sure how the game N.O.V.A works on the iPhone 3GS, but it is awesome and has the same type of on-screen control.

Not as easy as say an Xbox 360 controller, but not bad.

426.12.2009 1:14

he wasn't casting shadows, da da dum. my guess is static background with fluid animations.

526.12.2009 15:16

N.O.V.A does in fact work on 3GS cause thats what i play it on, in fact it runs better on my 3GS than my 3g and 2g :) if fps continues to evolve on the iphone and itouch it may very well be the next handheld console, even with the limitations of the iphone/itouch, it still looks great and plays great, certainly caught me completely by surprise.

626.12.2009 16:04

What I meant to say is that N.O.V.A. is running on my 3GS, but I do not know if it uses the Unreal Engine 3. Very impressive game.

The controls take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it...

Also, amazingly you can change the controls to multiple layouts like you would on a console game. So you can change how to move, fire, and look.

726.12.2009 17:04

Man that is really impressive. A phone running games of that caliber. I would love to have Gears of War 2 on iphone. Maybe Microsoft should make a handheld console that you can actually download your xbox360 games to. Would be nice.

826.12.2009 22:10

as soon as they put touch all around the devise, controlling will be no problem... Till then this still amazing, i'm very impressed (palm pre user) lol

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