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Redbox sets one-day rental record

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jan 2010 17:11 User comments (5)

Redbox sets one-day rental record Redbox has announced that they have set a new one-day rental record, seeing 2 million DVDs rented from their kiosks on New Year's Eve.
The previous record was only 170,000 rentals, and the company adds the most popular titles were District 9 and Paranormal Activity.

"With many Americans celebrating New Year's Eve at home and many more resolving to save money in 2010, Redbox proved a great way to do both," added senior VP of marketing and customer experience Gary Cohen, via VB.

Redbox has over 22,000 kiosk nationwide and says that they saw 350 million rentals total in 2009.

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5 user comments

15.1.2010 4:03

WOW That's a lot of profit!
Wish I had the Money to invent something so simple and make millions.
How is there even a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video Left.
I find it funny all the little shops closed because of places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video now Redbox is doing it to them.

How could we do this to wal-Mart? They need to Pay.

27.1.2010 22:56

Do the math, it's only 90 rentals per machine. It only seems like a success, because they get everything so cheap. Cheap labor, cheap locations and they're crying foul cause they can't get cheap product!

Smoke and mirrors, the media will catch on at some point.


39.1.2010 15:58

I'll stick with hollywood video. I have my reasons :p
Though netflix comes in handy frequently!

411.1.2010 10:11

To anyone who wasted even 1 dollar on Paranormal Activity, do you feel like you just wasted that dollar?

511.1.2010 13:07

Rented that recently. Haven't watched it yet. I'm gonna try to keep an open mind, but I heard that it was better seen in theater...

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