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'Popbox' is new superstar media hub

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jan 2010 15:02 User comments (2)

'Popbox' is new superstar media hub Electronista is reporting today that Syabas, the company behind the Popcorn Hour media hub, will be showing off the newly dubbed Popbox at the upcoming CES event, a media hub that should surpass the Popcorn Hour in every way thanks to a newly finished user interface overhaul.
The new interface includes "infopops" which show off the weather, Twitter feeds, and other data. The interface also includes a cover-flow-esque visual thumbnails selection for videos, music and other data, as well as universal search.

More notably, the interface can handle Flash, Java and QT meaning Netflix is now available. Also available is Hulu, CBS and ABC content, which can now include the in-video ads required for playback. Facebook, Twitter, Shoutcast MP3, Revision3 and other Popcorn Hour content will rollover to the new box.

For video, full 1080p at 100Mbps is now supported, along with the standard MPEG formats, H.264, VC-1, WMV, MKV, XviD and other containers. The player can also support most subtitle files, including Microsoft's proprietary one. For streaming, the Popbox can recognize iTunes via Bonjour, and DLNA and UPnP sources.

The device has no built-in storage but has USB ports and an SD slot.

The Popbox should be available in March and will cost just $130 USD.

Pics via Electronista:

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2 user comments

15.1.2010 1:31

If this ends up being only $130 plus ~$20 shipping I will be glad I decided to hold off on getting the A-110 for ~$140 on eBay. This article leaves me with a couple of questions that will probably be answered in a few months:

1) Is this a HDMI 1.4 device?

The device has no built-in storage but has USB ports and an SD slot.
2) Does this mean the "PopBox" only supports external HDDs? Being unable to use an internal HDD would be a huge turn-off for me. I would much rather just put an HDD in the unit and transfer files to it via the network or USB port like what the A-110 can do.

Complaints: Assuming the "PopBox" supports an internal HDD both of mine complaints are minor. First, I would have liked to see an optical audio output instead of, or in addition to, the coax. I just prefer an optical cable for my audio.

Second, the remote looks like a piece of junk. I would throw it out and just use my Harmony One though so it's a very minor complaint.

25.1.2010 6:00

I would get this in a heartbeat, being a Popcornhour user for almost 2 years now. I don't care about the lack of internal HDD support. I already have 3- 1TB drives I've reserved for movies in their own enclosures. Even though I run Netflix through my PS3, it would be a huge plus.

I like the look of the remote....very simple. Not sure how that would translate to functionality, but I'd make the sacrifice to upgrade from what the popcornhour offers - great remote and rudimentary interface.

I'd prefer coax for audio, only because my 4-port optical switch already has my cable receiver, PS3, PC and HD DVD player going into it. Currently using coax for my popcornhour to my DTS receiver, so it would be no big change.

Will be interesting to see what 2010 brings for these devices. Looking forward to what Boxee brings to the table. If there is a set top box that runs on XBMC, and does it well, then I'm afraid I'm going with that one.

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