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Windows Mobile 7 hitting LG phones this year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jan 2010 21:00 User comments (8)

Windows Mobile 7 hitting LG phones this year LG has noted at CES that the first phones to include Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 will be released later this year, and that LG will be carrying both WinMo 6.5 and 7-based phones.
Despite LG's confirmation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer left no comment during his CES keynote speech, promising more details were upcoming at the GSM Mobile World Congress in February.

"We will have a lot more to say about phones next month at Mobile World Congress," he said.

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8 user comments

19.1.2010 19:50

Color me unimpressed. I have the previous version of Windows Mobile and it's not that attractive. This newer version is more attractive, but still not really that good looking. I'd rather have an Android or an iPhone.

Maybe the next version will be better.

210.1.2010 1:15

BUT function over form any day, and have you had a look at custom ROMs?

310.1.2010 2:08

You have seen the iPhone right? vs this? cuz this isn't even close to as good. There's a reason it sells so well. It's attractive and has a bunch of different applications that can easily be installed and uninstalled from the phone. This (WinMo) is obviously just more of the same with a graphics revamp and a few other extras (stuff I don't care about more than likely).

Also, it would help if you linked to these "custom ROMs" so I can actually see what you mean. Maybe you know something I don't.

Again, with what you're saying about these custom ROMs, it sounds like the same functionality underneath, but with a graphics revamp (stuff moved around). Doesn't that sound like what you just said? Function over form? From what I just browsed, these custom ROMs are only changing the form, but the function stays more or less the same.

I don't think I'm alone in the least when I say this looks like it's too little too late. Maybe the next one will be better.

410.1.2010 2:22

oh no, i agree it is getting outdates, but i would take winmo over the iphone os.

personally, id like to point out i have a palm pre (WebOS).

winmo has alot more apps than the iphone, yes they are not centralised like the iphone has done, but the iphone did not start apps. windows mobile, and even the old palmOS had them, and in troves. xDAforums is the best place, and yes they do add form, but function on winmo is very high out of the box. and yes the custom roms do ad function. which phone do you have? ill find the best rom for it.

(PS android, is a good choice :D)

The major reason apple has sold that much is that, yes its very pretty, but mainly advertising. apple without any competition, are the greastest company to advertise products, the IMO the iphone is their most heavily advertised product in the last few years.

Also what it does, it does VERY VERY well. the thing is its limited in its capabilities, and one very major one, for a phone to be called a "smartphone" is multitasking.

510.1.2010 2:33

I have a Motorola Q9c with crappy Verizon stuff sprayed ALL OVER IT. It needs a re-vamp... badly. Verizon took it upon themselves to upscale and thereby pixelating the icons on the homescreen and such and the default WinMo theme is even worse :/ If you have any good places I can go for a good revamp, I am more than willing to hear you out :D

I also keep hearing good things about the Palm Pre, but they don't advertise. I wonder why... People that have them swear by the things, but I never hear a word about them on the Internet or on TV from them.

610.1.2010 3:00

damn it, i cannot find anything for your phone!

maybe its time to upgrade :P

if anything search yuor phone through xda forums, and see if you get anything.

as for the palm pre, its FANTASTIC. before the pre i hadnt heard of palm (im from the UK and they have never had a big EU presence). but this phone is phenominal. one of the best things is palm fully supports the homebrew community. there is no "jailbreak" neccassary, as its pretty much very open, even mroe so than android (which needs to be rooted first).

multitasking and the web is the main poitn of this phone. the multitaksing and geasturing esp. i do stuff on this phone, then use my sisters iphone (i gave it to her, my old 3g) and miss being able to some of the basic things, which should be inplemented into every touch screen.

the best thing though, is in the US, sprints network is very cheap, and you can roam the verizon network for free where verison has a better coverage.

then again, very soon (i.e before february) verizon is getting the palm pre, which will be 16GB instead of 8GB, and has double the RAM. also the palm pre is the only phone that can play propper 3d games, liek need for speed, which is exaclty iphone graphics and frame rate. other OSs (obviously bar iphone) dont, though winmo might, that im not sure, unfortunately anroid doesnt, which is unfortunate considering the insane power behind the droid, and moreso the nexus one.

OOOO thats also another one destined for verizon soon. the nexus one is insane!

i feel sorry for you, i wouldnt be able to decide between all the great phones :D

710.1.2010 3:19

Well the only service here that actually has good reception is U.S. Cellular and Verizon. AT&T has so-so reception here.... it pretty much dies out indoors. Don't know what phone I'm going to get, but my contract is almost up so I will upgrade soon.

When I do get a phone, it needs a keyboard. I HATE those on screen keyboards.

810.1.2010 3:53

then you want he droid or the palm pre.
(yes i hate them aswell, physical keys FTW)

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