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AT&T drops price of unlimited iPhone plan

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Jan 2010 15:20 User comments (11)

AT&T drops price of unlimited iPhone plan Yesterday, Verizon dropped the prices on their unlimited voice and text plans, and today AT&T has followed suit, giving iPhone users a break from their normally very high monthly fees.
Before today, iPhone users had to pay $130 a month for unlimited voice and data, but AT&T has cut that price to $100 total for both. Texting remains $20 for unlimited plans.

Current subscribers can change to the new plan without penalty or contract extension.

Read the price release here: AT&T Announces New Unlimited Plans

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11 user comments

116.1.2010 20:19

I guess metro pcs and cricket are cutting in on their bottom line a little.cell service is still too high across the board.And the handset prices are and have always been out of control.Aleast this is a step in the right direction.

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217.1.2010 11:52

That is why I switched from AT&T and stayed away from Verizon. If you compare all the big cell companies in the US and see what everyone offers you will notice AT&T and Verizon are one of the highest per month. They nickel and dime ya.

Also too AT&T reign over the iphone is almost done and they need to still agin market share/retain current customers, hence the price drop.

317.1.2010 17:48

Er, is texting not data?

417.1.2010 22:11

Originally posted by Moomoo2:
Er, is texting not data?

518.1.2010 9:55

not as fast or as much coverage in rural areas , boost mobile 50 dollars us and unlimited everything . pay as you go or auto re-up . no nasty contract either .

618.1.2010 21:56

Originally posted by Moomoo2:
Er, is texting not data?
It should be, but then how would they charge you that extra 20 for the texting plan?

719.1.2010 8:40

i remember the first 3G phones in australia they had a $99 plan which include unlimited calls.we were on the phone 16hours a day minimum.

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823.1.2010 22:30

Originally posted by Moomoo2:
Er, is texting not data?

Er yes it is. Look at your phone bill and under data charges is text messages.

924.1.2010 0:08

I think they (Verizon) still has a hidden agenda. Have you seen what they are doing to all new contracts that get what they call a Multi-media phone now? They charge you $9.99 for their smallest data plan. Thats $240 over the 2 yr contract.

So Thanks verizon for dropping your Unlimited Talking plan to $69.99 and then making me pay another 9.99 for a data plan. Looks like your going to make your money back some how !!!!

Thats why I'm really thinking about the options like Metro PCS and Cricket. But I would go with Straight Talk. I would get unlimited every thing even 411 cals for $45 a month and still run on Verizon's Network.

1024.1.2010 0:13

Originally posted by molsen:

Also too AT&T reign over the iphone is almost done and they need to still again market share/retain current customers, hence the price drop.
Good point. Each company is doing this for a reason I bet. AT&T to keep those that might switch if the iPhone is anounced to Verizon, and Verizon maybe to make it look good to sign up at Verizon if the iPhone is anounced that its coming to Verizon.

Yeah you might get Unlimited talking that you can use your new iPhone on, but then don't forget your going to have to pay $20 for texting and then $30 for Data.

1125.1.2010 3:59

I am not surprised. Last year on a visit to US I was in midtown NY. I saw an over 1500 sq foot AT&T retail office with a staff of only 4 !!! With this kind of wastage in such expensive real estate I am not surprised they want such ridiculously high rentals.

We in India are a happier lot. We have the lowest rate going for telecommunication anywhere in the world. For example most operators offer an outgoing text message cost of a mere $0.01. Outgoing voice call costs $0.01 per minute, this includes long distance calls. I can make a PSTN call practically to any part of the world for a mere US$ 0.06 per minute, no special schemes or IP telephony required.

BTW all incoming calls/txt messages are FREE, within your circle. This circle could be a metropolitan city or a an entire state.

The biggest surprise is AT&T is operating at just about the same rates as quoted above for India.

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