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ESPN content headed to Xbox 360?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Jan 2010 17:37 User comments (5)

ESPN content headed to Xbox 360? Microsoft and Disney are currently in talks over offering ESPN content through Xbox Live, although the sources say a deal is not imminent.
If completed however, ESPN would live stream certain sporting events, and will likely cost an additional fee on top of the current XBL Gold subscription.

"Microsoft could also create some interactive games in association with ESPN," say the sources.

XBL currently has over 20 million active Gold subscribers.

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5 user comments

119.1.2010 17:40

Why would you stream live games for a fee if you could watch it on TV already?

219.1.2010 18:02

He's right why would i stream live games when you can watch them on tv. And since my cable provider is in teh loop with espn. I can now go to espn360 and watch the games for free there. They really should quit trying to nickel and dime the customers and just provide for free. Considering that 90 percent of the xbox live customers already have espn. /fail

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319.1.2010 18:05

Originally posted by xblade132:
Why would you stream live games for a fee if you could watch it on TV already?
Um, believe it or not, there are some folks out there who do not gave satellite/cable, and this presents an opportunity. Although, i do have to admit tgat its pretty retarded to pay a premium for ESPN when you need gold subscription XBL to view this. Needs to be thrown in as an extra IMO, but hey, this is Microsoft we are talking about here. - BLUEBOY

420.1.2010 6:28

I can't say there is anything on ESPN that I would be willing to pay for, but since I cut off my cable due to the DMCA, I have missed the speed channel. If they would provide a live, 24-7 feed to my PC or PS3, I would subscribe (assuming the price was fair).

Honestly, I wish all the networks would go to a live, 24-7 rebroadcast onto the internet. It would not take a lot of server power since it would be a net broadcast and not a bandwidth-heavy episode-by-episode download page. I would be willing to pay for cable if I could watch it on my computer, and I would also be willing to pay for individual there are only about 10 channels I would ever want anyway, this would (or should) be cheaper than cable.

However, I know that by standing up for my rights as a consumer, I am in the minority...and who wants to market to an informed, concerned consumer?

520.1.2010 15:23

I gotta say that this business plan is really starting to get on my nerves.
ESPN makes a deal with Xbox, Time Warner makes a deal with Playstaion, Netflix makes a deal with Microsoft...
It's bull. These companies need to get their act together so that I can go to "Internet TV" and watch what I want. There is absolutely no reason I could not go to Hulu and watch its entire selection from the internet. If these Internet capable devices would simply connect to the internet and if the media companies would STANDARDIZE on one freaking format then all of this Piece by Piece bull would be a thing of the past. They could still charge for their service... but PER USER ... not this exclusive crap.
You can watch it if you have Xbox but not if you have Playstation... The Wii can view some but not all... ect...

I don't know... I just know that this is a very bad path to be going down. Internet video needs to be standardized. I don't want to have to use the ESPN Viewer to watch their crap. I should be able to play it in my Internet Video player...

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