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PlayStation 3 motion controller called 'Arc'?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Jan 2010 18:56 User comments (5)

PlayStation 3 motion controller called 'Arc'? According to VG247, the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 motion controller will be called Arc.
The new "wand" has yet to be officially named, and so far it has only been known as codename "Gem." President Kaz Hirai had said last year that the wand would be available by March, but the company has now changed its timetable to just "this year."

The Arc will include a wand, with a trackable ball on top. It will work with the PSEye.

As is standard, Sony said: "We don't comment on rumor or speculation."

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5 user comments

119.1.2010 19:42

Looks more like the PS dildo.

219.1.2010 22:30

Originally posted by bam431:
Looks more like the PS dildo.

If they drop it as fast as they dropped the PSEye, at least it would have a secondary purpose.

319.1.2010 23:20

So I'm guessing this is their reply to the wii and its motion console huh.

421.1.2010 13:20

Hey, easy on the Eye. Now, i don't know about this new motion toy, but i want Eye Pet!

521.1.2010 17:45

Just a reminder...Sony was the first to really pioneer motion control last gen with the PS2. It wasn't perfect but it was the most successful up until the Wii. And as I said in the other thread ~ The "Arc" is by far more accurate than any other competitors offering on the market, and has actually been worked on since the PS2 (with Eyetoy). So if anything, it has a hell of a lot of development time behind it and looks to be pretty engrossing/solid...just not for all ~ including myself. But we'll see.

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