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AfterDawn Norway launched

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Jan 2010 7:05 User comments (2)

AfterDawn Norway launched The number of flags we have in the top-right corner of our site grew by one today with the launch of AfterDawn Norway, a new localized version of The Norwegian site will focus on software downloads and discussion forums for now, but it will eventually expand to news, guides and other content, hopefully within a year or so.
The Norwegian version of AfterDawn is the fourth language version of AfterDawn -- our site was originally published in English and Finnish back in 1999, followed by the Swedish version launched in 2008. The Norwegian version is also using the new site structure and layout (something we call "v4") - the look and feel that the English version of the site will eventually use, once we get all the bits and pieces together.

The entire site has been translated by one guy and one guy alone -- impressive feat, I might add -- slaybay. He is the guy you should thank for making this locale a reality -- and if you find any bugs within the site, I'm the one you should blame :-). Thank you, slaybay!

The Norwegian site is still in its infancy: there are couple of pages here and there that haven't been entirely translated yet and you can be certain that there are occasional bugs and hiccups on various pages/sections. If you find anything weird that needs to be fixed, please let let us know (use the feedback form). Furthermore, if you happen to speak fluent Norwegian and would like to help us to translate more content, the contact us or subscribe directly to our translation project mailinglist and let us know that you're available.

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2 user comments

120.1.2010 9:56

nice job slaybay! and the new site layout looks nice! keep it up guys :) but sadly i only speak a bit of german. so i cant translate norwegian *sigh* >.>

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221.1.2010 17:49

Hell yeah guys!!! Norway is the birthplace of black metal, so mighty hails from Odin to our Norwegian brethren to the North! To Asgaard we ride!

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