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Zune phone finally a reality?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Jan 2010 13:10 User comments (5)

Zune phone finally a reality? The research firm Jefferies and Co. has released a note this week that claims that the long-hyped Microsoft 'Zune phone' will be launched next month at the Mobile World Congress conference.
The phone has been rumored since at least 2007, and Windows Mobile has continued to lose market share to Apple, RIM and Android in the smartphone market since then, now holding just under 10 percent.

Katherine Egbert, an analyst with the firm says: "Our recent industry checks indicate Microsoft will be debuting its own phone sometime in the next two months."

The phone will be designed to look and feel like the Zune HD media player, and will work on a hybrid operating system of Windows Mobile 7 and that of the Danger Sidekick smartphone.

5MP camera will be standard, and the phone should support 720p video, says the note. The phone will also have close integration with the Zune Store, making downloads of music and movies easy.

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5 user comments

120.1.2010 15:21

Sweet, I'd get one

220.1.2010 16:11

i woud want to see one and try it out but i will stick with my android phone besides guarentee you it wont work on my mac

320.1.2010 16:47

Excellent. Good thing that I've put off upgrading my phone for a few years now, I know that a lot of good phones will come out this year. Can't wait to hear more specs of this. Hope it's not too thick like the iPhone.

420.1.2010 18:43

Huh, yeah right. These guys are full of piss and wind. It's been what, at least close to 2 years now and they keep saying it's coming, be patient, its coming, but no phone. Im raising my eyebrows in this big time! - BLUEBOY

522.1.2010 10:13

This has the prospects as being a smash hit like the Zune. The collective intelligence of the board must be less than an ant's.

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