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Google to drop Internet Explorer 6 support from all sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Jan 2010 16:07 User comments (5)

Google to drop Internet Explorer 6 support from all sites Google has written a blog post today that officially ends wider Google support for Internet Explorer 6.
Reads the full post:

The web has evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice. Unfortunately, very old browsers cannot run many of these new features effectively. So to help ensure your business can use the latest, most advanced web apps, we encourage you to update your browsers as soon as possible. There are many choices:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+

Mozilla Firefox 3.0+

Google Chrome 4.0+

Safari 3.0+

Many other companies have already stopped supporting older browsers like Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers. We’re also going to begin phasing out our support, starting with Google Docs and Google Sites. As a result you may find that from March 1 key functionality within these products -- as well as new Docs and Sites features -- won’t work properly in older browsers.

2010 is going to be a great year for Google Apps and we want to ensure that everyone can make the most of what we are developing. Please take the time to switch your organization to the most up-to-date browsers available.

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5 user comments

15.2.2010 8:46

People are very cautious sometimes, using fake IP's or software that's spoofs where they're really surfing from, or using some kind of masking technology.

But what you don't realize is. The governement and it's allies will be building the stuff to render your attempts at anonymity as useless.

There'll be no way to fight this.

Google, escpecialy is partners with all the spying agencies of big government and big business.

They will tighten their net with each and every successive browser.

I wnat to find a way to ween myself off the internet in my daily life.

as it is now, I basically only go to three cites regularly.

Drudge, Rense and afterdawn. I have been spending time at GCN, but I'm new to it and not sure if I'll keep up the new habit.

I think places like Dawn need to commit to thinking of INternet Freedom as a mission of keeping their material accessible to everyone, even those that resist switching to more"modern" browsers that will, in the future be loaded with undetectable spyware.

Spyware that doesn't behave, andnisn't formulated like what we consider traditional spyware. It's "not malicious if it is designed, implemented and directed by big brother" right?

25.2.2010 10:26

mikecUSA, I think you have failed to make a good connection between the article and your post. Do you think Goolge is trying to take over your computer? I believe that decision has nothing to do with security and everything about Google cutting a broad new path into the cyber world.

I don't think I will go down that path. I am not buying what they are selling. I do not want to jump through hoops so that I can see some moron's idea of a cool display like eyes spinning around so I my be more entised to buy batteries. That is total insanity to me. That add company lost my business. I would not buy even if I would have without the add. This is proof jerks are taking control of the internet. I hate adds that are so distracting I can't focus on why I came to the site. I often leave and come back later hoping the add will have changed. I really do not like how invasive internet adds have become. Now they either flash like a brilliant strobe or blast sound so you need to turn off the sound or leave. I always leave. I often listen to music of my choice while I surf. I really hate having adds shout at me. I am sure Google is going in the wrong direction for someone like me.

I use a current version of FF as my default browser but I do use IE 6 as my secondary. Some sites I use do hundreds of times better with IE. I have BB and a fairly fast computer but some sites take minutes to load with FF. You load and do something else. That reminds me of the good old days.

35.2.2010 12:51

"reminds me of the good old days".

Very funny, but you're totally right.

I love my Vaio CS laptop, that came with VISTA and 4GB of Ram.

I loaded XP on it, which only recognizes 2 and a half gb's of ram and it's still faster and less frustrating VISTA.

I put Win7 on it briefly and it seemed fine enough, fast enough, but still had some vista quirkiness, so I reinstalled the XP Hard Drive.

It's funny how my XP is a copyright violation, because they never put out an XP edition for this Vaio. I have a used XP load for a different Laptop, and then loaded UK drivers from the UK Vaio online shop.

45.2.2010 18:35

Google criticizing anyone's software is a joke. Since they acquired YouTube they have had major log-in problems and nobody on their payroll has any idea how to fix it. I have not been able to log into my YouTube Account for months. Even if I set up a new account it doesn't work. Their programmers are a bunch of bungling idiots. They should have stuck with the old technology, at least it worked.

57.2.2010 1:36

Great, now if they can just drop IE7 and 8. I'm kidding but only partly. One of the things that annoy me when installing a Windows OS is having to use IE to get real security software then a real browser. Even with a brand new OS installation, IE is unbearably slow, glitchy,and just unusable.

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