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Video Daily: Welcome to Square

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Feb 2010 17:45 User comments (6)

Video Daily: Welcome to Square Take a look at Square, the possible future of mobile payments.

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6 user comments

111.2.2010 21:18

and nigerian scammers name today their national holiday

211.2.2010 21:54

would be interested if it did not need apple. still neat idea.

and nigerian scammers name today their national holiday
too funny.

311.2.2010 23:35

Sounds like it's basically PayPal for iPhone + a card reader.

412.2.2010 0:54

@___@ Want. I can see this going somewhere if it gets good advertising.

512.2.2010 19:17

Rofl at the guy selling it! He looks bored to be there. He needs a shave and a haircut, 2 bits from that $300 sofa goes that way I hope. It will probably just go for more beer to finally bust him out of that tight blue shirt.

Wow, that is the worst spokesman in history. Are they trying to say this thing is so new and inventive they don't need a glamorous model to sell it? It is not that new of an idea, by the way. Running credit cards from computers with internet access? Not new at all. They just realized the iPhone is a computer, what a news flash.

612.2.2010 23:56

Hmm, kinda interesting...
The Stuff that matters.

Currently, the hardware and required account are both free. While most point of sale systems charge merchants variable fees based on the card used, Square will charge a flat rate for all cards. While that has changed during the currently 3 percent for swipes and 3.5 for keyed in entries. (At an earlier point in the beta, however, it was charging an additional 50 cents per transaction.) Takeaway? Pricing is in flux, so expect it to change before the product emerges from beta.

That's pretty reasonable. And if they stay reasonable, they might just have something.

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