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Bing takes search market share back in January

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Feb 2010 21:19 User comments (5)

Bing takes search market share back in January After falling to under 10 percent in December, Bing has regained some ground in search engine market share, moving up to 10.9 percent. Google, the dominant market leader, fell 1 percent to 66.3 percent overall, with Yahoo remaining in second at 14.5 percent share.
Smaller rivals AOL, Ask and MyWeb combined for 5.5 percent, a small gap up from December.

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5 user comments

113.2.2010 0:39

Did the make it the default search for IE or something?
Because as far as I know, NO ONE has ever used bing on purpose.

213.2.2010 11:42

I have used bing, its a pretty decent search engine, well designed. And in my opinion a major improvement from live search...

314.2.2010 9:13

Bing is shady There trying to overtake google by buying out other engine's etc, there the default engine on alot of cell phone's.
I have bing as my home page only because they have a new picture with info on there search page everyday but I only use google.

If people weren't so dumb Over half of these would not be on the list.
Most of them are toolbar add on search Hijacker's.
my web search

are ALL Trash

414.2.2010 9:34

I'm not a "death to Microsoft" fan boy but I so hate bing - it's pants and I resent how difficult and tiresome it is to delete it from the serch default and replace it with googleuk - having to do a manual search on with the word "TEST" and then copying the url into the options to set it as the default is an obvious attempt by Microsoft to make people give up and use their bing bling

519.2.2010 16:21

I hate it as well. I hate the name and I don't like the results. I resent the want to come latelys that don't even try to do a great job. At least the Zune has a better than the rest hard disk. Otherwise it is crap and so is Bing

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