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Chinese vocational school denies cyber attacks on Google

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Feb 2010 1:13 User comments (1)

Chinese vocational school denies cyber attacks on Google The Lanxiang Vocational School in China has denied a recent report that stated the school was the source of the recent cyber attacks on Google.
"Investigation in the staff found no trace the attacks originated from our school," added Li Zixiang, party chief at Lanxiang Vocational School in Shandong Province.

Lanxiang was created to train computer scientists for the military, and the New York Times reported earlier in the week that the cyber attacks on Google, Microsoft and other US companies was sourced from Lanxiang.

The school currently has 20,000 students, learning all types of vocational skills.

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1 user comment

120.2.2010 22:50

Well, of course not friends, China is sumed up in two words: Plausable Deniability.

China Official #1: (has sunglasses on)I didn't see that, did you?
China Official #2: (using binoculars) Neither did I.
Both: Oh well, guess it didn't happen!! (shrugs shoulders and walks away)

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