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'Steam' headed to Macs?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2010 19:12 User comments (7)

'Steam' headed to Macs? Kotaku is reporting that Valve has hinted at Steam getting Mac OS X support sometime in the near future, giving Mac fans a chance to experience the largest online gaming digital distribution service.
warriorlax5506 of the Valve forum looked through the files of the newest open beta and found tons of Mac OS X-specific graphics, as well as menu files.

While there may not be that many Mac owners out there in comparison to Windows, Valve publishing partners Electronic Arts, PopCap Games and Take-Two all produce Mac versions of their games.

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7 user comments

125.2.2010 20:33

Macs as gaming machines at relatively affordable prices? Whaaat?

225.2.2010 21:21

No Steam(ing piles) on my computers, please!

426.2.2010 8:26

^ bad jokes.

Anyway, if they make a Steam client for the Mac, I suppose Mac users would have to be at least a little appreciative of some more gaming software coming their way. They've been wanting an official Mac version of XFire for a while now. Some of them currently use iFire, but I've heard it was kinda buggy. I don't really care 'cuz none of my friends have a Mac for gaming and no real gamers exclusively use a Mac (at least not yet), but if they want to use their resources to make a Mac client then go for it. Maybe if devs start making games for Steam, the Mac users will stick with Steam since it will be the first gaming digital distribution platform for Mac. Iono. Maybe that last part is too far in the clouds :P

526.2.2010 8:51

Still waiting for support for linux. They hired Senior engineer who can make steam platformat to linux.

626.2.2010 14:25

Mac doesn't have the number one thing so many games need Directx, as for steam its not so bad. you get to keep whatever you download, steam protection is easily removable has been since day one, and you can play offline, there are many way it could be worse.

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727.2.2010 17:50

I think this is a good move :)

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