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Taiwanese Apple, Nokia supplier admits more employees were poisoned

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2010 13:53 User comments (2)

Taiwanese Apple, Nokia supplier admits more employees were poisoned A Taiwanese company that provides displays and electronics components for Nokia, Apple and others has confirmed that more employees than previously thought were poisoned by a chemical used in the manufacturing processes at the plant. Last summer, it emerged that between 47 and 49 employees were sickened by exposure to n-hexane, and now a Wintek spokesman admitted the figure is actually 62.
The toxic chemical can cause muscular degeneration and problems with vision. It affects workers that are exposed to it in high concentration, although symptoms can arise long after the actual exposure. N-hexane is used to be clean new displays. Wintek has confirmed that it no longer uses the toxic chemical following the poisoning of its employees.

Of the 62 employees made ill by n-hexane, a Wintek spokesman said 41 remain hospitalized. A recent report of a death linked to the exposure was denied by the company, which said the person it referred to had died from a heart attack. Since Nokia is a recipient of products from the company, it issued a statement on the issue.

"We became aware of the allegations regarding the use of n-hexane in July 2009 and started our investigation immediately," it said, adding that N-hexane wasn't used in the production lines supplying displays for Nokia products. Apple has not commented on the case.

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2 user comments

126.2.2010 16:16

"N-hexane is used to be clean new displays." ???

24.3.2010 13:36

yea obviously proof-reading is needed.

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