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TiVo wins court ruling over Dish, Echostar, shares explode

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Mar 2010 12:25 User comments (5)

TiVo wins court ruling over Dish, Echostar, shares explode A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of TiVo today in the long-standing patent case brought against them by Dish and EchoStar, with the news sending TiVo's stock shares up over 55 percent on gigantic volume.
The district court had ruled last year that Dish and EchoStar had violated TiVo patents and ordered a permanent injunction on DVRs being sold by the company's that used the infringing technology.

The companies were also told to pay TiVo $300 million in damages, and the latest ruling will finally pave the way for TiVo to receive that money.

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5 user comments

14.3.2010 21:10

WTF? From what it sounds like either the tech in the future DVRs will have to use some different config or either it means that the DVR's recording feature will be disabled, meaning some angry customers (including me) will have to be forced to use TiVo instead? A little confused here people, help me out!! - BLUEBOY

24.3.2010 23:51

$300 million??? TiVo might be able to report one of their extremely rare PROFITABLE quarters. ;-)

35.3.2010 6:25

Those bastards that run the government are a bunch of crooks. TiVo did not invent digital recording, they should not have exclusive rights to it...and even if they did, they still should not just because of the dangers of monopolies.

411.3.2010 10:06

Damm Tivo seems to make most of their money suing everyone lol

515.3.2010 1:05

TiVo was the defendant. They were being sued by EchoStar,etc. TiVo was defending themselves, not suing anyone.

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