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Verizon to have Nexus One in retail stores?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Mar 2010 15:27 User comments (2)

Verizon to have Nexus One in retail stores? According to Electronista, Verizon is setting up for a retail launch of the Google Nexus One, with in-store representatives training to sell it in stores. This is notable because the current models of the device sell only online, via Google's Android store.
Reads the report: We don’t have a whole lot to go on, other than a couple of emails that were bounced around by some curious customers and some rather knowledgeable reps, but it certainly looks to us as if Verizon has begun training — at least some of its employees — on an EV-DO variant of the Google Nexus One. A tentative release date has not yet been communicated trough the chain of command, but apparently this sucker will be sold in Big Red’s retail stores across the country once it’s available. Again, this is about as confirmed (or unconfirmed) as it gets, and we’re merely passing it on to our readers because…well, we love you guys and gals to death. Don’t come kicking in our doors if it doesn’t exactly pan out.

So far most rumors have pointed to a March 23rd release date, but that has never been confirmed.

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2 user comments

17.3.2010 1:14

This would be cool, although they might want to "modify" the screen, since I have read and found out from more than one source (which I did check) that the screen tends to suffer from key scratches and even the screen cracking in a person's jeans pocket, and get this: You have to shell out an extra $200 to fix it, supposedly isn't covered by insurance that you can buy for the damn thing! Not cool! I'm just waiting to see if Verizon's going to release the HTC Desire, b/c based on specs, looks to be impressive as this phone is, maybe even a little better, although Verizon has a tendency to "dummy down" their phones too.

27.3.2010 7:34

That will be good. I still haven't even seen one in person.

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