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Video Daily: Microsoft's 'Courier' digital journal tablet

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Mar 2010 15:00 User comments (3)

Video Daily: Microsoft's 'Courier' digital journal tablet Engadget has posted a full new report on the upcoming Microsoft Courier 'digital journal' tablet.
The report says the device is under an inch thick, weighs about 1.3 pounds, and is about 5x7 when closed. The device is built on the Tegra 2 chip, and will run on Windows CE 6/Windows Phone 7.

The interface will require a stylus for the most part, and will include handwriting recognition. Also included are a camera and headphone jack.

Estimated release date? Holidays 2010.

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3 user comments

16.3.2010 18:30

Definitely seems more useful then a giant iPod Touch...

26.3.2010 23:49

i think ive seen this before on their site a few months ago..uh well.
and it sure does look usefull unlike apples oversized ipod touch

37.3.2010 7:05

Well, I have to give Microsoft some credit on this one. I mostly hate everything they make (after trying it of course) and ever since Windows7 they've been coming up with good ideas.

This gadget for example is very-very interesting and useful. It may not have a 500,000 app appstore, a huge iPod Touch desing and an Apple logo on the back...but hey, it has multitouch, camera, and some very useful apps. Let's just hope that MS knows of a good way to make new apps accessible on the device, and make the customer go over a retail store to buy a disc to put in your computer and tether the Courier to it( just like windows-based smartphones except for the store part).

Anyway, it looks nice. Since Apple is concentrating all of its might in bringing down the mobile gaming industry with their iDevices, other companies can now make similar gadgets with apps and features that are actually useful and productive, and not just "nice to have".

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