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Update: Sony calls upcoming PlayStation Phone 'speculation'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Mar 2010 14:28 User comments (7)

Update: Sony calls upcoming PlayStation Phone 'speculation' Earlier this week, the WSJ reported that Sony is finally ready to create a PlayStation-branded smartphone, one that will help it compete against the iPhone, and Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 line.
Additionally, the company will be creating "a portable device that blurs distinctions among a netbook, an e-reader and a PlayStation Portable, or PSP," one that it hopes will compete against the iPad and net/smartbooks.

The products have a target launch in 2010, but prices are nowhere near finalized.

Today, the company has declined comment on the report, calling it "speculation."

"As already announced, Sony (including SCE) and Sony Ericsson have been strengthening their collaboration in the networked mobile space. However, it is not our strategy to discuss future products or business plan before we make a formal announcement. Any media report that suggests details of the product or business is based on speculation," read the press release.

"Speculation," just like the slim PS3, and the PSP Go.

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7 user comments

16.3.2010 15:43

Sony was never very good at keeping secrets. And they can blame their staff for that, maybe they should review who breaks the confidentiality clause in their contracts.

26.3.2010 15:49

im a banned spammer

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37.3.2010 1:17

Two words: Plausable deniability. Nuff said.

48.3.2010 8:19

Originally posted by aragoran:
im a banned spammer
Me too :D

On topic though, as long as its a upgrade (not a remake like the PSPgo) I'm game.

58.3.2010 10:38

better improve that cpu and ram.
I would go for it anyway..!

69.3.2010 3:38

I wonder if they will let you use good flash memory, or if they will keep using their awfull MemoryStick "Technology"...

79.3.2010 10:54

their new phones are using mSD now and they are making mSD aswell.

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