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73 percent of Twitter accounts are 'inactive'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2010 12:59 User comments (11)

73 percent of Twitter accounts are 'inactive' According to a new survey from security firm Barracuda Labs, 73 percent of Twitter accounts remain "inactive," with less than 10 total Tweets.
Despite the large numbers, Barracuda says the number is down, from 79 percent in June of last year.

34 percent of Twitter users have never even made one Tweet.

A few of the other stats:

-74 percent of Twitter users have under 10 followers.
-60 percent follow less than 10 people
-34 percent of users have more followers than people they are following
-Growth jumped 21 percent in April 2009, when Ashton Kutcher was on the verge of hitting 1 million followers.

Which group Tweets the most? Let's check the chart:

Those with around 700-1000 followers seem to Tweet the most, with celebrities and those with millions of followers not Tweeting nearly as much.

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11 user comments

110.3.2010 13:06

good news so overall after experiencing it people dont want to be in the twit-ting buisness

210.3.2010 13:08

Hey, I make up 34% of Twitter (nope, not a Tweet). I only signed up awhile back to follow the PS.Blog during a beta giveaway bit.

310.3.2010 17:08

"Eating a Sandwich", why the hell would One want to know such useless things, people never seize to amaze me.

410.3.2010 17:48

I'm sure the active 27% post enough to make up for the inactive portion.

510.3.2010 20:18

My boss tried to make me sign up for this crap because he said he uses twitter to follow his sports crap. He wanted to use it as a means of communicating within our department. Tried to make the whole department sign up to follow his tweets. We all refused. Twitter is a waste <---My Opinion That is why they call the users Twits!

610.3.2010 20:20

Well I am going to tweet this article.

711.3.2010 18:09

I think it's because no one gives a flying tweet about Twitter. It's tweeting pointless.

811.3.2010 19:08

Tweet this tweetholes.

912.3.2010 2:28

Judging by the graph, it appears the average number of tweets per follower is about 100. Again, as if we care.

1012.3.2010 13:36

I made this prediction awhile back and glad to see there are actual confirmation on this. I knew Twitter will eventually die down, it's just a phase and everyone bought into the big hype.

I give Twitter 1-3 years left before the next big thing comes around and Twitter will just die out.

The funny thing is a lot of my friends, family members, and even especially co-workers looked at me like I was crazy when I said Twitter is going to die soon and it's a useless app... who's laughing now!!

Who cares that you just got off the toilet and forgot to put the toilet seat down? I don't care if you ran out of toilet paper and decided to use the leaves off the plant sitting next to you or thought it might be better to use your girlfriend's cat instead... NO One Cares!!

Twitter SUCKS and if you actually use it or follow someone, YOU need to get a LIFE.

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1114.3.2010 21:28

I lead, you follow. That would be my motto if I actually HAD a Twitter account. BTW, that's from the movie Reign of Fire.

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