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Dell sues 5 companies over alleged LCD price fixing

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Mar 2010 10:54 User comments (2)

Dell sues 5 companies over alleged LCD price fixing Large computer maker Dell has filed suit against five Asian tech companies this week, alleging that all five colluded as a cartel to overcharge for LCD panels.
The suit is against large manufacturers Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Seiko Epson and HannStar Display and was filed in San Francisco.

The complaint notes that Dell is taking action "on behalf of itself and its affiliates to recover for antitrust and other harms arising from billions of dollars of purchases at artificially inflated prices, over several years, of thin film transistor-liquid crystal display panels, or products containing TFT-LCD panels."

Dell goes as far as to say that the LCD price fixing has been in effect since 1996.

In the past, Sharp was accused and pleaded guilty to price fixing, agreeing to pay a $120 million fine.

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2 user comments

117.3.2010 10:18

Profit Marjin shrinking, Profits down on last year.

Just use the god old (apple like) stance of if we cant sell it any more, just sue someone to make the profit back :)


219.3.2010 09:57

I am pretty sure NONE of the panels were shipped to USA. Yes display assemblies containing these panels - well maybe.

Since when has USA become the world court to penalize the Asian manufacturers for doing something in their own countries. If you don't like the price go elsewhere.

Nobody in US wants to do any manufacturing within the country, only skim the fat from the top. A case in point is a video of seminar where in a toilet bowl brush costing US$ 0.18 was shown being sold for US$ 14/= under fashion brand name. If the cost went up to 0.20 due to colluding would hardly matter right?

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