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Apple selling contract-free iPhones again

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Mar 2010 13:09 User comments (5)

Apple selling contract-free iPhones again Gizmodo has unveiled an internal Apple document that shows that the company will begin offering contract-free iPhone 3G and 3GS models soon, allowing would-be buyers to pay a premium to buy the handset without needing to sign up for an AT&T contract or even provide proof of a current AT&T contract.
However, the phone will still be "locked," meaning unless you unlock it yourself, you must use the smartphone on AT&T and not other GSM providers.

The only restrictions are you must provide a valid form of ID and you are only allowed to purchase one device per day.

The 8GB iPhone 3G will be available for $500, the 16GB 3GS for $600 and the 32GB 3GS for $700.

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5 user comments

123.3.2010 21:19

so this is news? we have had this in the uk for years now (well not 3gs obv) guess phone companies are a bitch in the US. shame that

224.3.2010 5:08

DVDBack , please update if this becomes official

324.3.2010 10:12

What about the upcoming 4G?

424.3.2010 10:20

Too bad this is not CDMA and they also cost a ****ton. But yeah, before we know it 4G will be the new standard.

524.3.2010 10:37

wow thats a bargin...would be muppetts will alwayz spend spend spend on gadgets that they either dont know how to fully use it...or just want to look cool......SUCKERS!!!!

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