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Wii Netflix streaming discs headed to some users

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2010 17:41 User comments (5)

Wii Netflix streaming discs headed to some users Jesse Becker, head of Netflix marketing has announced today that the company has begun shipping out Wii streaming discs to some users that have signed up at already.
Says Becker:
"We’ve got some great news to share. We are in the final phase of getting ready for the launch of streaming to Wii. Today, we shipped out instant streaming discs for the Wii to some of our Netflix members. Their feedback will ensure that we deliver a great experience to everyone when we launch. Instantly watching movies and TV episodes from Netflix via Wii will be available soon at no additional cost – all you need is a Netflix unlimited plan starting at $8.99 a month, a Wii console and a broadband Internet connection. If you have reserved your disc already, you don’t need to do anything - we will send you an email as soon as we ship the disc. If you haven’t, reserve your disc today at and stay tuned for a launch announcement!"

The Wii is the third console to receive Netflix streaming, although the Xbox 360 does not require a disc in the tray like the Wii or the PS3. The Wii version will also not have HD streaming capability.

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5 user comments

125.3.2010 23:58
Unverified new user

Awesome, thanks for this info- I'm a longtime Netflix subscriber who just got a Wii a few weeks ago. I knew this feature was coming but didn't know I was able to sign up for a feature that wasn't available yet. Now all signed up, looking forward to getting my disc, thanks!

226.3.2010 5:01

Netflix doesn't stream HD, they call it HD but it's really just a Higher Quality picture. The Wii is suited perfect for all Netflix streaming.

327.3.2010 0:45

For the moment netflix HD is not like a BluRay...but netflix streaming will be getting better soon, and already streams in higher resolution than the Wii supports. (Nintendo insists that their customers don't want HD).

Also, my experience with watching netflix on PC, 360, and PS3 has convinced me that it is best on PS3...I can only think of two reasons why this might be the case:

1.) The PS3's cell engine is a great on-the-fly video processor; better than what most PCs have to work with, and better than what the 360 has as well.

2.) The PC and 360 versions of netflix are silverlight-based; the PS3 version does not appear to use silverlight (but it might; I don't know)

41.4.2010 22:24

Got my disc today. Kids are going to love watching netflix in there own room for a change

53.4.2010 13:01

yes the netflix streamng is in 5.1 sound and will the disc be in 5.1

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