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Ubuntu changes Firefox default search back to Google

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Apr 2010 13:09 User comments (2)

Ubuntu changes Firefox default search back to Google Back in January, we reported that Canonical, the group behind Ubuntu Lucid releases, had made a deal with Yahoo to make Yahoo the default Firefox search engine instead of Google.
Today, Canonical has done an about-face, announcing they are switching back to Google with the release of Ubuntu 10.04.

Says Rick Spencer, of Canonical: "However, for the final release, we will use Google as the default provider. I have asked the Ubuntu Desktop team to change the default back to Google as soon as reasonably possible, but certainly by final freeze on April 15th. It was not our intention to “flap” between providers, but the underlying circumstances can change unpredictably. In this case, choosing Google will be familiar to everybody upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 and the change will only be visible to those who have been part of the development cycle for 10.04."

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2 user comments

18.4.2010 14:30

Doesn't Google have a contract with Mozilla to make it the default search engine? Do you think Ubuntu Lucid got pressure from either of those groups to switch back?

210.4.2010 12:32

Meh... default somersault.

I just want the new Ubuntu NetRemix to have FF 3.6 when I install it on the EeePC- it's default search engine will be whatever I say it will be... fullstop.

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