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iPhone OS 4.0 beta already jailbroken

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 08 Apr 2010 11:57 User comments (11)

iPhone OS 4.0 beta already jailbroken Hacker iH8sn0w has said today that he has already jailbroken the brand new iPhone 4.0 OS beta, posting the keys and claiming that he will be releasing the jailbreak in the near future.
Of course, being that the OS is still in beta, Apple will have ample time to patch the exploits before releasing the final product.

Here are the keys:

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11 user comments

19.4.2010 00:07

Why would someone do this? Wait for the release...then release a 0-day jailbreak!

29.4.2010 01:07

I really don't see much reason for someone to upgrade OS if you are already jailbroken. Especially if you have a 3G iPhone like me and would actually lose multitasking. I have most features already plus others hat still arenot available. Here is whats important to me

1. Cyntact - allows pictures to display in contacts list as you scroll your contacts. Does upgrade have pics?
2. Mutitasking- already have but would loose with upgrade.
3. Folders - already have.
4. Customization - able to change backgound, themes, lockscreen already.
5. Ringtones - I don't pay apple a dime as I make and edit my own ringtones right on iPhone itself.
6. Tethering - can do but what's the use bc AT&T has the worst 3G coverage possible. Still on edge here.
Att was suppose to have 3G in my area around first of year but still waiting. Edge is so
Overloaded in the area that most iPhone owners can't access safari without the server stop
responding error being displayed. Give me back my $30 per month for data if it doesnot work
7. Cycorder - record video on 3G iPhone and again would lose with upgrade

Many other features so is it worth upgrading to OS 4.0? What do you guys think?

39.4.2010 01:29

I only care if the unlock it, jailbreak is not important to me.

49.4.2010 02:06

Please i need activation link.

59.4.2010 02:43

I hope your not serious. A simple Google search will give you the files.

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69.4.2010 02:53

Yeh! what great news!...........bored.

79.4.2010 02:59
al q
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i need jailbreak from Guantanamo Bay 19 54' N 75 9' W

send thru my iPhone

89.4.2010 18:32


99.4.2010 19:55

FinishOff - edited your post. Since it looked like a scam no use in quoting it. That and that post has been deleted.

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109.4.2010 23:50

Jail brake is all well and good, but I think these guys are getting a bit to full of them selves. They post comment on top of video showing new untethered jail brakes (3.1.3). Boast about new bootloader (5.9) unlocks. And still nothing. Don't get me wrong I understand what these guys do is not easy, but stop boasting and release already.

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1110.4.2010 19:35

What a friggin ASS! Someone needs to go by this guys house and slap him upside the head!
what a friggin dumb ass! Omg I hate idiots like this!
The "usual" hackers already said they have a hack ready in the works but are not releasing until Apples big release so they don't patch it b4 the release. Now this fool has potentially ruined it for all of us! Now Apple will just patch it b4 the official release. Lets hope the iphone dev team and/or Gehots version wasn't anything to do with this guys security hole he found.

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