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141,000 DSi XL units sold in U.S.

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2010 14:36 User comments (5)

141,000 DSi XL units sold in U.S. The new, larger iteration of the DS handheld series, the DSi XL had a strong debut month in March says video game analyst Michael Pachter.
Although it was only available for four days in March, Nintendo still sold 141,000 units, with the full line (DS Lite, DSi and the XL) selling 701,000 units for the month.

If accurate, the number is very high considering the XL sells for $190, a premium price from the DS Lite (MSRP $130) and DSi (MSRP $170).

The screen of the XL is 93 percent bigger than the DSi, and Nintendo has said it is aimed at users that want to use the Internet more, making the text easier to read.

The DSi LL (the Japanese name for the XL) went on sale in November and has seen strong sales since, with almost 750,000 sold in its first two months.

Globally, DS sales are approaching 130 million.

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5 user comments

117.4.2010 18:57

That's pretty good. Unfortunately, I went through 2 DSi XL's before I went back to the DSi (which isn't a bad thing at all). Both XL's I had were defective in some way.

218.4.2010 5:12

are people just plain dumb buying this when they know that yet a new (big woop) DS is about to launch is a few months?
or people just dont do a market survey before they buy something for 190$?

318.4.2010 17:07

Little that you know, the XL is a great alternative and just.. different.

Have you even held an XL before?

45.7.2010 20:04
Unverified new user

I wonder if my domain will be any use to someone from Nintendo world? ie DSi Xl = D6L

55.7.2010 20:05
Unverified new user

Originally posted by me:
I wonder if my domain will be any use to someone from Nintendo world? ie DSi Xl = D6L
That should have read

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