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Verizon launches HTC Incredible Android device

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2010 14:07 User comments (11)

Verizon launches HTC Incredible Android device Verizon has finally launched the much-hyped HTC Incredible, an Android smartphone dubbed as the latest in a long line of "iPhone killers."
The phone has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an 8MP camera with dual-LED flashes, Android 2.1 built-in and the latest HTC Sense UI.

Additionally, the phone has a 3.7-inch multi-touch 800x480 screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and is seen as the sequel to the popular Desire smartphone.

The Incredible will go on sale on April 29th, with pre-orders starting on the 19th.

The smartphone will sell for $200 with contract, the same price as the Droid initially cost when it launched last November.

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11 user comments

117.4.2010 22:13
Unverified new user

Dubbed and Iphone killer by who... you to try to increase your hits? first I have heard of it being called a Iphone killer.

218.4.2010 3:10

if anything apple need a killer for all the snapdragon, 3.7" android phones.

318.4.2010 11:46

This is pretty killer. The only thing better than this is how Sprint's coming out with more or less the same phone but with Qik, HDMI, updated HTC Sense, and 4G. But Verizon has better network than Sprint... but Sprint has Verizon roaming. lol

I'm totally looking forward to the iPhone 4G.

418.4.2010 14:26

I would've liked to see LTE for Verizon on this phone, but I know I'm asking too much. Love that 1GHz processor tho, and the phone overall looks very good. Only thing is that I'm used to Windows Mobile phones, but Android looks good and might be worth checking out.

518.4.2010 20:18

The Android phones are great. I have the Android hero via Sprint. True the coverage isn't equal to T-Mobile, but I like the service better and think that it's a better bang for the buck. (coverage is good in my area) from all the reports I'm reading Androids are really doing well, along with HTC (not a fan of win mobile though. HTC has a 2 new phones coming, the EVO for sprint and the HD2 fot Tmobile that are bragging about being able to be used as a wireless modem speeds compareable to DSL (within the 4g network of course) HTC and Android are really trying hard to put a hurt on iphones. And after seeing the mud slinging from the apple camp I think they may actually be a lil worried, maybe
Just my cheep 2 cents

618.4.2010 23:07

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718.4.2010 23:39
Unverified new user

I just purchased the Droid Eris from Verizon, and am not terrible impressed. It's a techie phone, and I miss already my iPhone.
Got 3 weeks to play with it, but thinking of returning it. May be I should try out the new HTC Incredible, might as well, pay more, get more bang for my money, but will it be user friendly like the iPhone is?

819.4.2010 23:22

I almost regretted buying my droid when I saw that...but then I saw no keyboard on this.

925.4.2010 18:38
Unverified new user

I am a current Motorola Droid owner that will soon be switching to the HTC Droid Incredible. I have had my Droid since 11/28/09 so i am no newbie to the Android system. Looking forward to the Incredible being in my hands on the 29th. Also check out a dedicated place for Incredible owners.

109.5.2010 12:27
Unverified new user

I'm no apple-hater. The iphone is great, but the new Droid Incredible from HTC beats it head to head. It has a faster processor, an 8mp camera, and (best of all) the screens are customizable which makes it much more user friendly.

I encourage all iphone users to go to someone who knows the new android 2.1 os really well give them a demonstration. You will be blown away.

What's is great about the iphone, is great design. It looks and feels great. Also, because of great design, the first generation iphone still looks great today...they age well.

1126.8.2010 20:00
Unverified new user

explain to me how i connect to the mobile networks please, i have 1 but dont no how to connect to my mobile service provider

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