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Video Daily: The McDonalds Nintendo DSi

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2010 15:29 User comments (8)

Video Daily: The McDonalds Nintendo DSi Kotaku has showed off a screencap pic of the McDonald's Nintendo DSi, a fully branded handheld used by Japanese McDonald's restaurants to train new employees.
There are two DSi units for every McDonald's restaurant in Japan, all 3700 of them.

The giant fast food company says the handhelds cut training time in half, at the same time giving new employees a more interactive way to learn the business.

Collaborations between the two companies is not new, with Nintendo loaning out Mario in the late 80s for McDonald's ads.

The following video is from Bloomberg and shows off the training software in action.

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8 user comments

119.4.2010 16:07

Cool, hope it works. I'd love to see this trickle down into schools eventually. Nintendo has stated it as a goal for the handheld.

219.4.2010 16:35

This is pretty neat. This could definitely be an advantage going into public school system for japan and here in the states. Hell, even other fast food joints can take advantage of this training system.

319.4.2010 18:38

Oh no! Now the same people that want to fire Ronald will go after nintendo because they are promoting training using a gaming device targeted at children and between McDonalds and Sitting on their ass playing video games they are fat and it is all Nintendo's and McDonalds fault.

419.4.2010 22:44

I think it is wonderful, who needs books when you have interactive multimedia in the palm of your hand! Now we just need rockstar to start including SAT questions in the next GTA...and the next Just Cause could be like a geography/politics class.

520.4.2010 11:20

Thats a cool idea. Is it like a game where you put lettuce and stuff on a burger in a time limit, because I remember playing a game where you had to do that with pizzas. It was kinda fun considering.

620.4.2010 23:40

Oh yeah...I remember games like that for the old NES system...they were bad back then.

I just hope no one switches out the cartridges, we don't want fast food workers going all GTA on the customers.

722.4.2010 6:26

hopefully itll go through into the education system

822.4.2010 13:13

Just because it's interactive doesn't mean it has to be a game, just something to keep in mind.

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