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Comcast denies connection to 'Tea Party TV' venture

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Apr 2010 14:55 User comments (9)

Comcast denies connection to 'Tea Party TV' venture Comcast has denied today that is has any connection to RightNetwork, a start-up venture that will launch in the Republican states and will "reflect and reinforce their perspective and worldview.”
The large ISP had been identified as a key partner, and The Huffington Post went as far to call the new venture "Tea Party TV," alluding to the anti-tax protesters.

Comcast vehemently denies: "The blog reports that Comcast is an investor in, or partner of the RightNetwork are inaccurate. We have no partnership with this venture and have no plans to launch or distribute the network," says Comcast spokeswoman Jennifer Khoury.

Khoury does admit that they met with RightNetwork reps.

RightNetwork has since taken down the quote that they have partnered with Comcast, but the independently owned media company will debut sometime in 2010.

You can check some trailers of the programming here:

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9 user comments

120.4.2010 20:07

Tea party activists are not extremists. They are simply regular Americans who are fed up with the government’s complete lack of transparency and disregard for fiscal responsibility.

220.4.2010 22:03

I second that. Our five year old understands the simple principle that you can't spend more than you have. Our government is run by a bunch of retards that have no common sense. Its a shame really. Checkout, you may be surprised.

321.4.2010 0:47

extremist anti-tax protesters
... Really? And people say Fox is biased?

421.4.2010 13:35

The first thing I thought was that I was about to comment on how it's really misplaced to label the Tea Party protesters as extremists. How about you guys stick to reporting the tech news and keep your political bias to yourself. However, I do see how this story applies tech and it was fine to report it; but let's not make this into a political debate. I come to this site to read about tech news and that's it.

521.4.2010 15:12

Extremist my ASS. Have you even seen what a Tea Party gathering looks like? They're all people 40-100yrs old. They're the "older" parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They stand/sit with signs, hardly move around, and lightly converse amongst themselves. They are NOT extremist. They just want you to see/hear that there are people who ARE against the direction things are headed. They're not actually doing anything besides making their presence seen/known. These are VERY peaceful/kind people. They're just don't agree with the way things are going.

I hope that extremist comment was meant as sarcasm, because it couldn't possibly be any more WRONG. Like the others have mentioned. We don't want opinionated politics, this is a tech site, we only want "tech" news.

621.4.2010 15:17

I don't think a news item here should reflect a political point of view.

However, since people are talking about it anyway, I'd like to ask some who have commented above what they would like to see cut in the U.S. budget?? Obviously the U.S. is under incredible strain and the massive deficit is a reflection of the fall in revenue to the federal government, but what government program are you willing to sacrifice?

Medicare? Social Security? Defense? I'm asking because I would really like to know what protesters actually want the U.S. Government to stop funding because I have seen people protesting, for example, health care reform, also threatening the government not to mess with their Medicare... and I don't understand that??? Maybe there's a tea party supporter here who can explain it to me?

726.4.2010 23:47

Just another media channel for me to ignore. F*ck the media and its puppet government.

823.9.2010 12:50

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924.9.2010 17:14

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