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New Adobe ads claim "We <3 Apple"

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 May 2010 1:03 User comments (12)

New Adobe ads claim "We <3 Apple" Adobe has taken an interesting new route in their ongoing feud with Apple, starting a new ad campaign highlighting the company's "love" for the electronics giant.
The full page ads ran in giant newspapers such as The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal and is accompanied by a site, promoting Adobe's message.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called Adobe's Flash technology outdated and unreliable, and has practically banned it from their "i" devices. Jobs also adds that Flash was designed for desktops using a mouse, and not appropriate for small, touchscreen devices.

The ad is only 82 words, and starts with: "We love creativity," "We love innovation," "We love apps," and finishes with: "What we don't love is anybody taking away your freedom to choose what you create, how you create it, and what you experience on the Web."

Apple quickly responded, saying: "We believe in open Web standards too but Flash is not an open Web standard like HTML. It is a proprietary Adobe product. Just ask the W3 consortium that controls Web standards. They have chosen HTML5 as the open web standard to move forward with."

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12 user comments

114.5.2010 2:20

Lol..about time they brought it to the consumer, but print media? Why not just paint it on a cave wall?

214.5.2010 2:58

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Lol..about time they brought it to the consumer, but print media? Why not just paint it on a cave wall?

314.5.2010 5:07

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Lol..about time they brought it to the consumer, but print media? Why not just paint it on a cave wall?
lol love the stone-age remark :)

414.5.2010 8:37

Actually quite good, and one of the things I love is the Sarcasm in this :D

514.5.2010 11:03


614.5.2010 12:44

Apple sucks.
That's why jailbreaking is probably the best thing to do when purchasing an iPhone/iTouch.
Don't let Apple control the things you buy.

714.5.2010 12:51

am i the only seeis the irony in apples comments about openness?

814.5.2010 12:58

In this case apple are right.. adobe are closed source proprietary forceware.. BUT if apple want to change things they should stick some development money the way of gnash and help build a full working open source player free for EVERYBODY.. otherwise they should STFU and just make it so the bloody unix one they use on macs works.. retarded.. it really is.. and so damn funny to watch all the crapple fanboys paying over the odds for something that won't work.. hahahahahahaha

makes me think of the pot calling the kettle .. both are lockdown forceware merchants.. great they are having a huge tiff in public so we can ALL see how stupid and greedy they both are.. both will lose.. lets have NO proprietary standards on the web.. at all.. flash is from the ark.. it's about as necessary as java these days.. used by lazy incompetent coders to do stuff that honestly we have the processing power and bandwidth to do with html and css nowadays... We don't need these dinosaur players.. we don't need dinosaur closed operating systems.. basically apple and adobe are both obsolete business models and both deserve to be shunned and laughed at by a web savvy pc literate world..

nuff said...

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914.5.2010 13:15

while i agree flash is completely closed, i would prefer haveing the choice of having closed or open, who's apple to tell me which one i want?

then again i wouldnt ever use an iphone after haveing the 3g.

its android for me next, if HP muck up palm so much that the pre2 is utter crap.

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1015.5.2010 0:15

They are both closed, but Adobe Flash does not require any Adobe certifications, and Adobe Flash Creator is not required to make a flash file.

The fact is that the internet is nowhere near still takes 72 hours to propagate a domain transfer! We have to live with what we have for now...and right now that is flash. HTML5 is still mostly limited to tech demo sites; and even there it looks no better than Flash (many Flash videos actually look better than the HTML5 demos).

1115.5.2010 12:17

well, apple sucks and flash sucks cause its the buggiest propietary on the net. everyone knows that. both arent gonna be gone for the next couple of years with apple expected to last much longer(sadly). end of story

1216.5.2010 10:15

WMA sucks too, and so does quicktime...but I still want support for both because sometimes I need them (almost no quicktime these days tho). With the possible exception of things that are clearly illegal, nothing should be blocked.

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