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Amazon to unveil thinner Kindle model in August

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 May 2010 22:47 User comments (3)

Amazon to unveil thinner Kindle model in August Amazon will unveil a thinner version of the popular Kindle e-reader in August say two sources, who also say the new, updated model will have a more responsive screen.
The display will also have "sharper picture," but will not have color or be touchscreen, as some had speculated.

Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007 to slow sales, which have since grown, with one report claiming the e-tailer has sold 3.3 million units of the device, to date.

Apple sold over 1 million iPads in just the first month, and international sales began today, with hundreds of thousands of sales expected in the coming weeks.

The device faces increasing pressure from rivals however, as the Apple iPad is a hit, and Sony and Barnes & Noble have both released devices that have better specs than the Kindle, at a comparable price.

CEO Jeff Bezos was asked this week if a color display version of the Kindle was forthcoming and he said there were prototypes in the lab, but none were "ready for prime-time production."

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3 user comments

129.5.2010 1:54

Thinner is great but Amazon s*cks and no color, that doesn't work for me as I need to see the pictures as that's the best part. A Playboy isn't worth reading in monochrome. LOL

229.5.2010 3:56

1.) I would not trust any eBook from amazon; amazon is usually very good; but DRM is never to be trusted. Back when the deleted all the George Orwell and Ayn Rand books, I thought they were the I realize that they chose these books warn the world of the evil of DRM books.

2.) The kindle reads DRM-free PDFs...that is all I would use it for.

3.) I don't care much about color on something like this...the refresh rate and underlying hardware are incapable of much more than displaying an image it isn't like a color screen would make it an iPad killer.

4.) To quote Steve Jobs, "If you want porn, get an Android"

31.6.2010 12:38

Slim is always nice... Amazon's Kindle books are not that bad in terms of selection and pricing. The other day I got an e-mail telling me that one of the books I bought earlier has a new version (correction and such). If I want the new version, all I have to do is send a "Yes" e-mail. If not, leave it alone... The e-mail also said that bookmarks and notes will be removed if a new book is opted for.

As for KillerBug's #2, that's what most people do with an e-reader :)

As for porn and Playboy, hmmm, there are a lot of exotic books you know :) I'm just saying, my Kindle is definitely not "clean."

Eh, I don't know why people don't consider porn books porn? Weird world eh? I guess we're not "allowed" to look at dirty pictures but we can read all about it, lol.

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