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iPhone on Verizon not likely for 'immediate future'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jun 2010 14:58 User comments (4)

iPhone on Verizon not likely for 'immediate future' According to a company spokesman, Verizon is unlikely to get the Apple iPhone in the "immediate future," despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs' recent revelation that "there might be" a iPhone on a new carrier in the U.S. soon.
Verizon spokesperson John Johnson says: "We have no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future."

Johnson then went on to talk about Android, and Verizon's support of the HTC Incredible and other "flagship" Android devices.

Steve Jobs, speaking a week before Apple's yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, had said "there might be" a chance of the iPhone on another carrier, before adding: "The future is long. I can't talk about that stuff."

AT&T recently announced the elimination of unlimited data plans, while adding new data plans for their smartphone line, including the iPhone and iPad tablet, which will be less expensive for customers, but will also limit data use.

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4 user comments

13.6.2010 19:50

This is because if you ignore that Verizon has the widest coverage in the US, their data plans are a complete rip-off and the iPhone (along with some others) represents a real threat to their current business models (which are mostly tailored to businesses who don't have a clue). They also disable features on purpose on nearly every phone they license, like Wifi and they would be one to disable tethering as well to use Internet without using their network.

24.6.2010 12:09

Last time I checked I am still getting 5gb of internet for 30/month.

34.6.2010 19:00
Kel Kel
Unverified new user

To be honest, at this point what does it really matter? Android phones are now an equivalent to the IPHONE minus the crazy fanboys out there and now there are ones better than the IPHONE specs and operability wise. I would love to have the IPHONE on my Verizon network but I am not losing any sleep with my Motorola Droid and soon to be Motorola Extreme or Droid 2. It isn't that serious and yes I am tethering to my laptop as we speak to type this comment on a real keyboard ;^) seriously guys...take one good use of any logical sense you may have and you will know that the IPHONE is losing ground way too fast. With the deceitful talk of the IPHONE being released on another platform is just a way for Jobs to try and slow his losses...I had the IPHONE 3GS for a year and dreaded the service of ATT so I switched back to Verizon. This comes from a completely unbias person might I remind you.

44.6.2010 23:25

I'm glad...there are a lot of apple fanboys out there, and I would rather they keep slowing down the AT&T network.

My droid has wifi tethering for free...that is the wonderful thing about an Android can take control back from the provider. There are lots of droid phones, most have better hardware than the iPhone...but the real advantage is the freedom to install things like WiFi tethering, Flash Player, etc...

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