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Windows 7 SP1 beta coming in July

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Jun 2010 22:52 User comments (6)

Windows 7 SP1 beta coming in July According to Microsoft spokesperson Gavriella Schuster, the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 should be released next month, as a public beta.
The release of the service pack should move the OS forward onto the systems of more corporate users, as many IT admins will not upgrade a system to a new OS until at least the first SP.

Microsoft explains that SP1 will not be a big deal, however, as it "will not contain any new features that are specific to Windows 7 itself. For Windows 7, SP1 will simply be the combination of updates already available through Windows Update and additional hotfixes based on feedback by our customers and partners. In other words, customers can feel confident about deploying Windows 7 now!"

Making good on that claim, Schuster notes: "Several organizations of all sizes are already in the process of deploying Windows 7 and not waiting for SP1. In fact, we've already sold more than 100 million licenses of Windows 7."

The release coincides with the Microsoft ending support for Windows XP SP2, with the company advising current XP SP2 users to upgrade to SP3 or move to Windows 7.

An official release of SP1, out of beta, is expected in late September.

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6 user comments

18.6.2010 0:43

they need to fix the Audio Core in Vista/7 as gaming with both suck in the audio department.

28.6.2010 2:00

Maybe they'll finally fix some of the nasty 'performance hits' that have been in there since Vista...and just generally fix lag issues in the multimedia layer of the API. A true "classic mode" would be nice too, so I don't have to even SEE some of the useless new layouts of the UI.

38.6.2010 4:09

They need to fix the search indexer...if you have a lot of files, it slows the system to the point that explorer crashes, and it modifies files without permission, making them useless. It will even modify explorer.exe...WTF?

Windows search was broken in Vista, but not like this...the first thing I do when installing, even before installing drivers, is to remove it.

It is too 7 is a major improvement over vista64 and xp64...but it is still full of massive, obvious problems...and we know from history that microsoft does not fix big problems with service packs or hotfixes; they usually don't even fix these massive problems when they release a new version.

48.6.2010 11:18

nah i stick with my win xp home sp3
I think its still the best .

58.6.2010 23:35

so its a fake SP? just combining all the fixes, and no nnew features? oh well saves me havign to install all those fixes at the beggining, plus enterprise LOVE SPs

69.6.2010 9:11

the SP is just their way of making sure people who feel its best to wait untill the first SP is released before buying,be tricked into a state of confidence and buy the OS now instead of later when they really have new things to issue(SP2 probably). essentially making this SP an advertising stunt.

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