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Apple cancels some iPhone 4 pre-orders

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2010 13:15 User comments (3)

Apple cancels some iPhone 4 pre-orders On June 16th, when the Apple iPhone 4 went on sale, the device was so popular that it took down the AT&T web site, and the carrier was forced to halt all pre-orders.
If you were lucky enough to get your order in before the systems went haywire, Apple has begun shipping the device, with some users expected to even get it a day early, on the 23rd.

Today, other users who thought they had successfully pre-ordered the smartphone have instead had those orders canceled.

AT&T says that out of the 600,000 pre-orders accepted, a "fraction" have been sent emails saying their order is canceled, with CNN saying those emails should only be to users that accidentally/purposely submitted multiple orders, or to those that paid full price when they could have used the cheaper upgrade price.

Says AT&T: "We're reaching out to many of these customers to answer questions, and are also happy for customers to call us with individual account questions."

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3 user comments

122.6.2010 22:30

Lies..all lies. they cant meet the demand

222.6.2010 23:59

I wonder if this is all a ploy to get out of this provider contract that AT$T seemingly cannot hold up on their end.... To put it plain and simple, there is no chance a company like apple didn't see 600,000 units being pre-ordered... maybe not in one day, but they expected 18-22 million in the US alone... It is clear with the data plan tiering and the stoppage of pre-orders AT$T cannot handle the load on their network... Epic Fail?

323.6.2010 15:06

The AT&T servers crashed when the 3GS was would think they would have expected to take a massive hit that day and upgraded or added more servers but i guess that would cost them more money then they think there customers are worth.

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