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Verizon phases out Droid Eris, Incredible next?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2010 12:47 User comments (3)

Verizon phases out Droid Eris, Incredible next? According to Droid-Life, Verizon has quietly phased out the Droid Eris smartphone, removing it from its active smartphone roster.
The site tried filtering Verizon's site by smartphone>Android>HTC and found the Eris completely removed except for some accessories and support documents.

Additionally, Droid-Life posted a "phaseout/closeout" list and besides the Eris, the Droid Incredible is also apparently set to be phased out.

The Incredible is Verizon's top-of-the-line Android device, and was only launched two months ago.

So far, off the list, the Eris and the Tour have already been phased out, giving more fuel to the rumor that the list is accurate.

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3 user comments

122.6.2010 13:40

Fake. This came from and originated from a thread where a guy said "His friend told him.."

222.6.2010 22:29

Fake or not it wouldnt surprise me.While Mobile phones Technology and development is peaking the life expectancy of every mobile phone gets shorter and shorter. nowadays a phone can be considered old news after 6 months. even apple makes sure theyre phones dont stick around too long by simply replacing them every year with a newer version leaving the owners with an 8-9 months delusion untill their bubble is burst with news of the upcoming "big thing".

323.6.2010 2:53

Wouldn't surprise me if they killed off the incredible when the new moto droid comes out.

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